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Ovulation intercourse wasn’t pregnant? Don’t worry, also so slowly to prepare pregnant mother – Sohu recently, many pregnant sisters in consultation on our platform, said he and her husband also do a pre pregnancy check, both husband and wife have no problem, how to prepare pregnant two months without success? How to prepare for a month pregnant yet? They also measured the ovulation with how not pregnant? It’s a good preparation to be pregnant, but now it’s too much pressure on the sisters! Instead of getting pregnant into a hard job. We speak during the preparation of pregnancy, the couple did the system examination before pregnancy, the reproductive function under normal circumstances, appropriate arrangements in the period of ovulation intercourse frequency, pregnancy rate will be high, but the odds are not as long as the ovulation period of the same room this time will be pregnant. In the face of pregnancy, such anxiety will not bring any benefits, but may make it more difficult for us to conceive. Believe that we often say that the more you want to do something, the easier it is to get pregnant, the pregnancy is the same, to give yourself and your spouse too much pressure, but will make pregnant with greater resistance. In fact, the time of pregnancy preparation, determine the couple fertility under normal circumstances, follow the prescribed order arrangement intercourse I believe that there will soon be a good pregnancy gas! Many people will say that life will bring a lot of pressure! Today, we have to talk about, when pregnancy preparation, how to relieve the pressure! 1, prepare pregnant not many people blindly comparisons don’t want a baby is as the home for the elderly or urge, friends have kids, I should have a baby. In fact, the birth is a natural process, to the baby is two things, when you two people to do a good job to meet the psychological preparation of a new life, and then to the baby. This time, you do not consider the urge to the elderly at home, but also do not care about the surrounding than you have been married later but already have children colleagues and friends, these too many considerations will only bring you pressure! 2, the husband and wife must do a good job of communication is the baby is two things, we are now the majority of families are the two people need to work, most couples get together after the time is after work. A class, do the cooking, chat together, work in what is unpleasant or life where couples feel a lot of pressure, a lot of communication, mutual comfort heart pressure. Not only a more comfortable life, but also enhance the feelings of the couple. 3, we have been talking about increasing exercise to prepare pregnant one to keep proper exercise, exercise can improve physical fitness, regulate the endocrine level of the body, and start from pregnancy to pregnancy, can moderate exercise for production is also very helpful. Of course, there are many benefits of exercise, exercise and sweating many times can help us to ease the pressure, small I always believe that sports can volatilize all the unpleasant sweat. People who exercise are usually more optimistic. 4, learn to enjoy two of the world law relationship seems to be every family will care about the issue, some friends may live with parents in law case. In this case, a certain.相关的主题文章: