The Giants need to get better pitching from someone other than Jason Schmidt

Sports-and-Recreation Fans of several teams in the NL West should not stop getting their baseball tickets, as this division is as crazy as any in MLB. The division standings have been turned almost .pletely upside-down since we last checked in with these teams, and it’s anyone’s guess how the division will turn out at the top. Los Angeles Dodgers Currently: We were shoveling dirt on them just a couple of months ago, but the Dodgers are somehow right back in the thick of the postseason race. The Dodgers have endured horrible losing streaks during the year and unbelievable winning tears, but they seem to be .ing around with some consistency, posting a 17-11 record over the past 30 days. Outlook: The Dodgers need to get better pitching .ing down the stretch, and if that happens, they’ll not only be in the postseason, but they’ll be a threat once they get there. San Diego Padres Currently: The Padres are hanging in there after giving up the division lead to the Dodgers. This is a team without a true star, except for maybe the always-reliable Trevor Hoffman, but he doesn’t even get a chance to pitch unless the rest of the team supplies him with a lead to protect. The Padres were decent over the past 30 days, going 15-13 and remain right on the heels of the Dodgers and are currently in the lead for the NL Wild Card. Outlook: This scrappy team just needs to keep battling every day. Bruce Bochy is doing a masterful job for this team this season. San Francisco Giants Currently: The Giants are also hanging tight, although it’s getting late for them to be more than a game or two back, and they’re four back in the division as of this writing. The Giants had a good month, going 16-12, and their offensive formula seems to be working – get Omar Vizquel get on base and let Pedro Feliz bring him home. Outlook: The Giants need to get better pitching from someone other than Jason Schmidt, otherwise baseball tickets in San Francisco will be.e much less relevant in the next couple of weeks. Arizona Diamondbacks Currently: The D’backs had a horrible month, and you can officially stick a fork in them for 2006. They posted a miserable 9-19 record over the past 30 days, and their lack of offense has been their downfall. Outlook: Next year could be different. The team needs to add some punch to its lineup, as there are no elite teams in the NL West to chase. Colorado Rockies Currently: The Rockies just need to play out the string and get to work on next season, much like the Diamondbacks. The team went only 10-19 over the past month, and they’re not going to catch anyone this late in the season. Matt Holliday has had a very good year, and he has been a bright spot. Outlook: Next year is looking promising, but as far as this season is concerned, baseball tickets are going to be an afterthought to Broncos tickets from here on out. 。

and English. There is tutoring offered for standardized tests such as the GRE

Careers-Employment For many retirees, finding that job to supplement their in.e is either a choice or necessity, says Phil Cannella , founder of First Senior Financial Group LLC. The prospect of .muting and/or annoying co-workers can be daunting. A choice many opt for is working from home. Phil Cannella: The following are three jobs retirees could consider. 1.1. Virtual Assistant: There has been a jump in demand to hire virtual personal assistants for administrative tasks. From making travel arrangements to sending out .pany letters, these functions can be handled easily from remote locations. Websites the retiree can search include virtualassistantjobs… The job is flexible and offers part-time as well as split-shifts. There are virtual assistant certificate programs offered at many .munity colleges, too. Needless to say, the retiree must know their way around the .puter. The warning here is being a virtual assistant can require long periods of sitting, cause eye strain, and bring on carpal tunnel syndrome. We love hiring retirees for our positions, because they bring such a strong work ethic along with them, said Belinda Stringer, head of support for virtualassistantjobs… With the amount of people retiring today, we have seen our needs jump. 1.2. Online Juror: Online outlets such as Ejury.. and onlineverdict.. pay people to sit in on mock juries to give attorneys and consultants feedback on specific cases. To sign up with online jury .panies, simply fill out an online questionnaire. You will be contacted by a lawyer via email if you fit their needs. You listen to audio recordings, watch videos, or read about cases. Then you submit your verdict. The lawyers then post a summary for you to see. The number of cases you are asked to review depends on the number of lawyers in the area using the service. The pay offered can vary, from $10 to $100, depending on the case. To qualify you must be a US citizen and never have been convicted of a felony. Retirees are a great resource for feedback, said attorney Matt Hanson, They bring their life experiences into their decisions, which is almost as good as having them in the courtroom on the actual trial. 1. 3. Tutoring: Tutoring is a growing field that addresses the students needs with homework help. Subjects in demand include world history, science, math, and English. There is tutoring offered for standardized tests such as the GRE, SAT, and GDE. Online employers like Tutor.. offer one-on-one help to students. What the student does is enter his/her grade level and subject onto the log-in screen. The appropriate tutor connects with the student on the secure online classroom. Student and tutor exchange messages, solve problems on an interactive whiteboard, and browse resources on the Web. Grades covered by online tutors range from kindergarten to 12th grade. A typical online tutoring session can last up to 30 minutes. The pay scale ranges from $10 to $14 an hour. I like the flexibility I have [with retirement] because I dont have the pressure of [performing] in the classroom, said Rebecca Malimas, retired elementary schoolteacher from the Central Bucks (PA) school district. I can pick and choose my hours and the type of work I take. There are many jobs retirees can do from the .fort of their home. So, while many may look at retirement as a time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of their hard-earned labor Says retirement Guru Phil Cannella, just as many look at it as the start of another chapter in their lives. 。

has been practicing dentistry since graduating from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. By participating in continuing education programs throughout his career

Press-Releases LITTLETON, CO- Littleton general dentist Robert D. Madden, D.D.S., M.B.A., P.C. is happy to announce the availability of his new mobile website at www.southwestfamilydentistry[dot]com. Mobile websites are different from traditional websites accessed through a computer because they are designed to be used with browsers run only on smartphones and tablets, such as Safari and Opera. Though parts of a traditional website may load from a mobile device it is frustratingly slow and difficult to read because it was not designed for mobile platform use. With Dr. Madden’s mobile website patients can access all of the useful features of his traditional website directly from their mobile devices. By clicking on the online digital library, for example, you can read up on numerous topics related to services offered at the Littleton dentist’s practice, whether it be dental implant restorations, cosmetic dentistry or veneers. Because the mobile website is designed for smartphone and tablet specifications, data loads quickly and graphics are scaled down to the correct size. This allows users to easily read all of the information available, such as the archived newsletters that Dr. Madden, Littleton family dentist, uploads to his site that are packed with helpful health-related tip, articles, and information. Visitors to Dr. Madden’s mobile website will also be able to load and view the collection of educational videos which feature detailed animations and explanation of more than a dozen common dental procedures, such as veneers in Littleton. If patients are unable to call during office hours, scheduling and appointment for the Littleton dental office can be done with a smart phone or tablet by visiting the mobile site. Clicking "Appointment Request" in the upper right of the home page will load the request screen. From there, the time and date and nature of the visit is entered by the patient, and a receptionist later calls to confirm the appointment. Because Dr. Madden is also a Littleton children’s dentist, having the ability to reach his mobile website allows busy parents to be able to request an appointment wherever they are, which in turn helps them to keep current with their dental care needs. Dr. Madden, family dentist in Littleton, stressed the importance of the time saving benefits his mobile website offers his patients, adding, "Between work, family, and everyday obligations, life can get really busy. I hope my patients will take advantage of the availability of my new mobile website and they find it helpful in keeping on top of their dental health." About Dr. Robert Madden: Dr. Robert Madden, dentist in Littleton, has been practicing dentistry since graduating from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry. By participating in continuing education programs throughout his career, he remains up to date with the latest technologies and practices. He offers a variety of dental services including whitening, oral surgery, dentures, implants and veneers in Littleton, among others. Dr. Madden is a member of the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association and the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society. Media Contact: Southwest Family Dentistry contactus@southwestfamilydentistry[dot]com 9200 W. Cross Drive Littleton, CO 80123 (303) 973-5859 …southwestfamilydentistry[dot]. 。

the roots of pizza bread probably lie in the mists of time even earlier than the 6th century BCE

Living-Will Taking it all in, you suddenly realize that all of these ingredients will never fit on your 7-inch crust. You now are forced to make some difficult decisions: What will you use? What will you skip? And how will you arrange your ingredients so they won’t fall off into the oven and make a gooey mess? Always put your baking stone on the lowest rack in the oven and allow it to warm up when you preheat your oven. You want to be using it at the same temperature as the oven, but for the stone to absorb some of the surface heat to prevent burns. Pizza’s popularity became universal after World War II, with celebrities of Italian origin like Colonna and Sinatra. From 1950s to the 21st century, pizza has gained popularity in leaps and bounds and reached every corner of the world. It is well documented that people of several ancient cultures, like Persia, Afghanistan, and India, ate unleavened flat bread baked on hot stones or in earth ovens. People of these countries continue to eat these breads even today. So, the roots of pizza bread probably lie in the mists of time even earlier than the 6th century BCE, when the soldiers of Darius the Great were known to have eaten bread baked on the flat surface of their shields during war. Remove the plastic wrap and bake on the lowest rack for 16 minutes or until just browned. Turn the pizza delivery bags bread once while baking for even browning. While the pizza is browning, shape and prepare the second round for rising and baking. For those who are looking to walk on the more ethnic side, there are a growing number of restaurants offering pizza inspired by world cuisine. One of the most popular is the taco pizza. In this offering sauce is eschewed entirely in favor of a different sort of base. A thin layer of refried beans is spread onto the crust and this is topped with a salsa blend. On that the cook sprinkles all of the traditional taco toppings. (..pizzabags.. offers great info on this) . Ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions, and cheddar cheese all .bine to create a delectable flat taco alternative. For added fun some choose to dip theirs in sour cream or guacamole. Like Parma ham or Chianti wine, Neapolian pizza is a Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) product. The Italian government established regulations for how it’s made, what ingredients can be used, and what temperature it’s cooked at. And true Neapolitan pizza is produced according to these standards. Even the .position of the flour is defined. Now you can have the exact information you need to make Original NY Style pizza at home. This 71 page instructional ebook explains everything you need to know in full step by step detail. The secrets are finally exposed. 。

where card three holds the truth

Arts-and-Entertainment Most people are aware that reading someone’s future with tarot cards is a .plicated process. The cards each hold significance and can mean many things to many different people. Did you know however, that the meaning of tarot cards also depends on the way they are laid out on the table, otherwise known as tarot spreads? The cards can be spread out on the table many different ways. Among these, the spread known as the Celtic cross is by far the most popular. When a person is learning spreads, they often learn this one first. Just as with the meanings, there are different ways to lay out the Celtic cross. This article is going to describe this tarot spread so that you may better understand how to put it together. Typically, the Celtic cross will consist of ten cards, and it is split into two sections. Some descriptions will call these sections the cross and the staff. Six of the cards will make up the cross with two in the center and one to each side, and then the remaining four to the right of the cross, making up the staff. The Celtic cross is one of the best tarot spreads to use when asking a personal inquiry that is close to the person’s spirit. When laid out in this way each card holds extra meaning and has a special position in the question being asked. It has been said over the course of history that this tarot spread has a lot of strength because it has been used a great deal. By learning tarot spreads like it, it naturally became stronger. By far the first two cards, which are the cards in the center of the cross, are the most important. They deal with the largest issue. They will sometimes provide a situation and an answer but that is always changing. The next cards you will examine in the cross are cards three and five, which will be across from each other in the cross shape. With these cards, you will surely learn more about the person, where card three holds the truth, such as who the person really is and how they really feel, card five will show the shallower version of those. Much like three and five, cards four and six are across from each other and hold a lot of meaning. Learning tarot spreads in this way by familiar with each card, such as four being long-ago and six being the future, is a great way to study and sharpen your talents. These are easily explained with card four being the one the person needs to get farther from and card six is the experiences in life towards which they should move. The last four cards such as seven and eight are up for a lot of interpretation when laid out in tarot spreads like the cross. In this case one card stands for the person and the other can stand for anything such as another person or a deep connection to nature. Card ten when placed in the staff of the Celtic cross refers to the future. This is what most people are interested in when having their fortune told so be sure to know the difference between card six and ten. Six is typically, what could happen and ten is the more likely of the two. This is always up for argument, but the reader is ultimately the one who places and reads the cards. Although out of order, card nine is the last card you will read within the staff. This card can be read literally in any way that you wish, although historically it is used to explain the meanings of the other cards. Learning tarot spreads like the Celtic cross is not only an entertaining past time it is also a way to connect with people on a deeper level. People are more likely to connect with you as well if you understand your cards and their placement. Remember that with each turn of the card you are giving the person you are reading for a small gift, an insight to their future, so do your best and enjoy every moment. 。

children’s playground

Real-Estate Real Estate in Bangalore is presenting an oversized return on investments conjointly on residential flats because the residents of Bangalore are wonderful place for residing. Residential property in Bangalore have extended the least bit the main places across town owing to relocation of skilled persons from everywhere the globe. Bangalore properties have created a big mark as variety of population .prehend that Bangalore is the best place to invest in real estate. The real estate .panies in Bangalore property analyzed all needed facilities in their construction to supply individuals the up to date residential developments that are satisfying the dreams of getting a perfect home at a reasonable value. In Bangalore one will realize several outstanding and world category property developers, such as, Tata Housing, Shri Mantri builders,SJR Group, Sobha Builders, House of Hiranandani etc. Buying a property in Bangalore could be a lucrative choice for the investors. The real estate market of Bangalore is flourishing rapidly. The town has be.e the hub for the people that build a career or pursue education. In an exceedingly short span of time, several IT corporation homes started recognizing Bangalore because the fertile land where they might setup base. In terms of investment a lot of folks are currently giving preference to purchasing property instead of gold. However purchasing for a bit of property isn’t as simple and straightforward because it looks. It’s a protracted term investment and will be done cautiously. If you’re a replacement within the property market its higher for you to require the help from the standard property professional of the state. As per constant rise of house for rent in Bangalore, it’d be a fruitful call to purchase the flat or apartment for sale in Bangalore where there’s continually an honest worth for property. Moreover nowadays the apartment or flat for sale in Bangalore is giving the quantity of facilities that give full .fort and convenient with .plete luxury that meet to the international standards.The apartment renders you quick access to amenities together with indoor games, swimming pool, children’s playground, clubhouse and lots of different facilities. Before obtaining concerned in deal of purchasing a flat or apartment for sale in Bangalore the few factors got to be thought of whereas buying the property which can surely facilitates you in selecting the proper property. Healthy surroundings, deciding the proper location or surroundings is most vital issue before buying apartment or flat for sale in Bangalore. Make certain that it ought to be as regards to your workplace, school, universities yet as hospitals.Surroundings are going to be calm and serene. All these things are quite important if you’re a family man. Ensure that the residential property in Bangalore is intended fantastically all the essential things ought to be gift. Do not satisfy yourself with flats or apartments where bogs simply have a pail and bucket. Instead, you’ll be able to take a .pletely furnished apartment for sale in Bangalore that’s not solely fitted with all fashionable sanitary ware however conjointly provided the modular kitchen.The last however terribly valuable key purpose is that never cross your budget limits simply stick with it and recognize the one that matches all of your necessities. It’s higher to require the benefit of builders and verify all the opposite necessary aspects of purchasing the property in Bangalore. 。