The work relief program in Guang’an City Office of the original director Chen Zhangyou was double – 爱多vcd

The work relief program in Guang’an City Office of the original director Chen Zhangyou was "relief to double" – Sichuan channel — Guang’an City Office of the original director Chen Zhangyou was "double" – Sichuan Channel –

source: update: 2016-09-30 21:55:25 classification: key words: Chen city chapter, violation of discipline, Guang’an city ordinance, suspected of a crime, accepting gifts, serious, serious discipline,

in Chengdu in September 30, (is) the day before, approved by the Guang’an municipal Party committee, the Guang’an Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation to relief workers in Guang’an city development and Reform Commission, former party members, former director of office of Chen Zhangyou serious disciplinary problems.

investigation, Chen Zhangyou violate the spirit of the eight provisions, accepting gifts, illegal use of official vehicles equipped with; accepting gifts in violation of discipline; and, in violation of state laws and regulations, taking advantage of his position in the business for the benefit of others and accepting property. Chen Zhangyou above acts constitute a serious violation of discipline, and suspected of crime.

Chen Zhangyou as Party members and leading cadres, the loss of ideals and beliefs, a serious violation of Party discipline, and after the party’s eighteen big still does not converge, do not accept the hand, the nature of bad, serious circumstances. On the basis of "China Communist Party disciplinary regulations" and "Regulations" punishment of civil servants of administrative organs and other relevant provisions of the Municipal Supervision Bureau office meeting, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee review, and report to the municipal government approval, decided to give Chen akitomo expelled from the party, dismissed from office; the proceeds confiscated their discipline; its alleged crimes and the clues and involved and transferred to judicial organs according to law.

(commissioning editor Yuan Hanling and Gao Hongxia)

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Shanxi announced the 1083 employment job for college graduates ghost observer

Shanxi announced the 1083 employment job for college graduates in September 23rd the Shanxi evening news (reporter Wang Bin) today, the provincial agency department announced 1083 employment job, internship place mostly in Taiyuan city. School leavers unemployed college graduates, can choose their own jobs, in a period of 3 months to 12 months of paid employment trainee. To help students accumulate work experience, help enterprise personnel selection, our province every year will arrange the employment of college graduates leave school to participate in job training. The trainee units Shanxi Province Labor Security Supervision Corps, Shanxi Red Cross, Shanxi six construction company, including post administration, secretarial, news propaganda. During the probationary period, college graduates can not only enjoy a certain amount of living allowance, employers will also apply for personal accident insurance for graduates, personnel services to provide free personnel file hosting services. Probation period was employed by the trainee unit, the probation time can be used as a calculation of seniority. If you want to know the specific information of the unit, you can visit the website of the Department of human resources and social services.相关的主题文章:

[Kim] 3D lottery lottery treasure turn 231st focus on 2 small 1

[Kim] 3D lottery lottery treasure turn 231st: focus on 2 small 1 on the 230th lottery: 497 231st [1] period analysis of morphological patterns for 1 small size analysis; 2, the focus on the 2 small 1. The parity analysis: patterns for 1 pairs of 2 odd odd number, this period value, focus on the code 3 date, determine the main form for the focus of the 1: 2 odd couple. Analysis of the 012 Road: 1 0 Road, 1 road, 2 Road, 2 out of 0; this period value 0 way ball number, about 3 yards, a comprehensive analysis of prospects, 001011012 combination date. The qualitative analysis: 1 morphological quality 2, the period of judgment, optimistic about the prime number, focus on the 3 with 4 number 2, 1 and 1 focus on quality, Danma   32 2479—013568 3 decomposition type two code combination of 344 span and optimistic about the 26—-2 5 26—-2 6 –*3* about the tail number [recommended] 1 elections double hundred 5 thousand and 690 123 142 five code compound (including group three) 345693 bile 3 — tow yard 4569相关的主题文章:

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Wuhan hot dry noodle gas poisoning 2 people were killed (Figure) g227

Wuhan hot dry noodle gas poisoning 2 people were killed (Figure) accident of the hot dry noodle newspaper news (reporter Wang Yang) yesterday morning 7, Wuchang Lake Avenue a hot dry noodle has yet to open the door, next to the car wash shop staff Xiao Li to wonder: "every day at 3 pm, the hot dry noodle couple open the door. What’s going on today?" Xiao Li went to knock on the door, but no response. Until the morning of 9, he was 3 in dry noodle Zhire gas poisoning, of which 2 people were killed. Yesterday morning at 11 o’clock, when the Yangtze River Daily reporter arrived, the police are on-site investigation, the incident took place outside the cordon. A lot of people gathered outside the shop whispered: the shop is a young couple, the owner is Hunan, Changde, his wife and father are dead, unfortunately." Reporter observed, the hot dry noodle shop has two rooms, outside a room of about 20 square meters, the door stood a briquette stove and a stove, a refrigerator, indoor use food items and a few tables and chairs. The room was dimly lit, the rest room, the bed. "That night, briquette stove indoors, not completely extinguished, and no indoor ventilation window, resulting in 3 gas poisoning." Nearby businesses guess. The next car wash shop Li said that the hot dry noodle shop was opened in October 28th. Yesterday morning 7 when Mike to wash work, found next to the hot dry noodle shop did not open the door, and send the master already will face to the door on the ground. Xiao Li feel puzzled, went to knock on the door, but no response. 8 pm, the residential property office heard the matter, sent to the door, he struck the door, and call the noodle shop sign on the phone, no answer. Until 9, the store was slowly opened the gate volume. "The door opened by the owner. The door opened, I saw his body crooked, already weak." Xiao Li li. In the rescue of the Security Property Office said, the owner saw outside the property staff, they begged: "save my wife, perhaps she could live." However, the property staff walked into the room and found his wife cold, no breathing. And on the side of the ground, lying the owner’s father, has died. Immediately, the police and 120 ambulance personnel rushed to the scene, the owner will be sent to a nearby hospital for treatment. At 12 pm, funeral home staff will be 2 dead wrapped bodies, carried to the car. Subsequently, the police removed the warning line, shut the hot dry noodle shop. I heard the owner’s father came yesterday afternoon, did not expect to live a night on the accident." Nearby residents regret. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the police, the incident that night in the hot dry noodle shop has a total of 3 people, of which the owner’s wife and father died after treatment, the owner has been out of danger. After preliminary investigation, the case may have been ruled out, suspected carbon monoxide poisoning caused by tragedy. (Mr. Zhang received 50 yuan)相关的主题文章:

The selection of hot spot areas in the home market average price of 19500 yuan 63-118 hamimelon

The selection of hot spot areas in the home market average price of 19500 yuan 63-118 [Abstract] want to buy high cost housing, convenient traffic, near the business district, supporting facilities, the following Xiaobian finishing a few houses that you can not miss. Guan Yongding River airport No.1 (peacock City real estate information) building 2, the average price of 19500 yuan of real estate Tencent Yongding River airport is located in the north of peacock city one on agricultural Hing Road, West Yongding road. Enjoy meeting downtown, vision of the future of the city, 75-95 square meters will mansion, ending the huge offer, a new generation of livable Town, adjacent to the park and you meet. Yongding River peacock Airport City No. 1 in the sale of Building 2, the average price of 19500 yuan, apartment layout area 63-66 square in 1, 75-81 in 2 and 92-118 flat flat in 3, with 2 in the garage, send 3.16 flat area. Yongding River peacock city one row start airport Wang card, 100 sets of housing, 3#, 22# line card, Chunan in 2, 2 in 3 in the transparent, transparent, luxurious double in 3, blank, property costs 2.5 yuan · month, submitted to the time of June 30, 2019. Tencent Beijing big Beijing real estate buyers, real estate hot topics discussed. Tencent Beijing purchase 3 group 128868262 Yongding River peacock city airport one view details… Brand developers Park Estate Gallery | the latest 400-819-1111 100361 project is located only ten kilometers away from Beijing’s new airport gold location, area of Metro Line 4, airport express, S6 line, Langzhuo Chengtie, solid iron city the five rail connection, wide high-speed, 106 State Road, high road, Lu for road, Langzhuo expressway, airport north line speed and six speed through. "" "" "click to view the Yongding River airport one peacock City comments above information is for reference only, the final announcement to developers. [Abstract] would like to buy cost-effective housing, convenient transportation, near the shopping district, supporting facilities, the following Xiaobian for you to sort out a few sets of housing you can not miss. Shijingshan Purple Royal Changan · platinum liberte (real estate information) convenient transportation total 3 million 800 thousand sets of real estate Tencent – Royal Purple Changan · platinum liberte project in September 17, 2016 opened the first phase, a total of 57 households, the area range of 50-70 square meters, the total price of 3 million 800 thousand sets. Tencent Beijing Shijingshan real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 117335324 royal purple Changan · platinum liberte to see the details of the lowest price of 3 million 800 thousand yuan set of large-sized apartment real estate developers of the latest brand Gallery | 400-819-1111 to 804972 royal purple Changan · platinum liberte, located in the west of Chang’an Avenue, the Milky Way Development Center Business District, the surrounding subway station octagonal amusement park (1 km range). The "three vertical and three horizontal double subway" three-dimensional traffic network, easy driving up to Financial Street, Haidian, Zhongguancun and other district, regardless of business negotiations, the gathering of friends, can be easily accessible, efficient "business interpretation of Western Chang’an Avenue". "" "" "click to see Purple Royal Changan &.相关的主题文章:

Worried about the Argentina world cup can not qualify The odds are not so see!

Worried about the Argentina world cup can not qualify? The odds are not so see! King to kneel in Argentina? With the Argentina road by Brazil 3-0 after explosion, Argentina fans have the tears, they are now on the Pampas Eagle despair? Or worried about the Argentina world cup can not qualify? Or can’t see hope? Superstar Messi,, Argentina, seems to be caught in a dilemma. But now the Gambling company to win the world cup odds but did not move, and now Brazil win odds with 1 / 9, ranked second in Germany after ranking. [more than 60% small hit probability of Brazil win! Continue to predict world cup competitions!] currently Argentina in South America pre already 4 did not win, draw 2-2 away 2-2 Venezuela, Peru, Paraguay, home court lost 0-1 0-3 away defeat to Brazil, in the continuous weak teams who lose points, while the old rivals Brazil team humiliation. Argentina coach Bauza is currently facing enormous pressure. From the data, Argentina ranked so far is not accidental, at present, Argentina scored 11 goals and conceded 12, did not show the proper level. You know Brazil from the paper strength than Argentina, but they are currently in pre in South America made 7 wins 3 flat 1 negative into 26 ball lost 9 ball, in contrast to Argentina. From the current point of view of the form of the team, Brazil ranked 24 in the top first, Uruguay ranked the top second, the two teams composed of the first group of 23. And behind the 18 points in Columbia, Ecuador, Chile, 17 points, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, 16 points, and the score of 14 points, composed of the group of second. Argentina is currently only ranked sixth in the budget, according to the rules of the world in South America, the group of the first 4 directly qualify for the world cup, while the other is the need to compete for another promotion through the addition of the quota of fifth. The odds of winning the world cup from the current Gambling company 188BET out of the World Cup winning odds, indeed for confidence in the Argentina and Brazil still has not weakened, this can give more or less racing together bridle to bridle, Argentina fans a lot of comfort. And then, Argentina will have good against the strength and status of home court Columbia, if we can’t win, I do not know whether the boss Roy Bauza will shake, I do not know whether the Gambling company will raise the odds of winning the world cup in Argentina. (mouth day)相关的主题文章:

Xiamen Haicang zoo tiger escape has been wounded control christie stevens

Xiamen Haicang zoo tiger escape have been wounded to control the original title: Xiamen Haicang zoo tigers have been found in the zoo micro-blog screenshot [Haicang zoo tiger was shot out of its cage control on]4 at 10 o’clock in the morning, 110 command center received a report, Haicang zoo a tiger ran out from the cage into the park. Haicang police and City Public Security Bureau police detachment mobilized police station after receiving the instruction of Haicang and the SWAT team of police rushed to the scene immediately. Haicang District government leaders arrived at the scene, the scene command. Because Haicang zoo is moving, no tourists in the park. Site headquarters in order to avoid the tiger rushed out of the park, endangering the surrounding people, and immediately organize urban construction and other relevant departments to close the park, strengthen the gap, evacuate the surrounding masses, and call the UAV into the park search tiger. After nearly 3 hours of searching, trying to determine the tiger position after anesthesia measures, because the tiger hiding in the woods, shrubs, not close to the tiger to the anesthesiologist effective shooting distance, need to find the best shooting position. 15:30 Xu, the tiger suddenly rushed out of the woods, ready to escape the park. In order to avoid mass damage, on-site disposal of the Swat decisive shot, the tiger wounded control by the zoo after treatment. In new network on 4 November, according to the Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau of Fujian province official micro-blog Xiamen police online news, Xiamen Haicang zoo tiger ran out from the cage has been found in the zoo in control. 4 on the morning of 10 pm, the Public Security Bureau received a police intelligence that Haicang Haicang zoo, a white tiger escapes from the cage, but there is no escape from animal park. Haicang Haicang Public Security Bureau, police station, police immediately organized more than 30 police officers to the scene, the blockade of Animal Park, the zoo has to prepare for the Tiger Park an anesthesia and closed circulation. Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau said, at present, the tiger has been found in the beast area in the grass, looking for the best shooting position of the anesthesiologist, please do not panic. Police remind: Online spread of the tiger lying in the middle of the road is not the video of the event. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: