Park more than people around last night raided bestie home (map)-incubus

Park more than people around last night raided bestie home (Figure) Yonhap reported on 30 official South Korean prosecutors said on the same day, allegedly meddling President Park Geun hye’s Shunshi Cui in the morning at 7:30 from the British fly home. Yonhap reported that Cui Shunshi suspected of involvement Mir consortium and the consortium founded K sports, raising 80 billion won (about 474 million yuan) of the fund, and by Germany and South Korea companies misappropriating public funds, the two privatization consortium. In addition, Cui Shunshi is also suspected of reviewing Park Geun hye lectures, and had contact with Chong Wa Dae national defense, diplomatic, economic, Korean relations and other confidential documents. The day before, South Korean prosecutors raided the park more than current and former aides of the home and office computer, take some files and mobile devices. However, the staff did not directly on the park Geun hye’s home and office were searched for some relevant documents of rope. [Chong Wa Dae] to search according to the prosecutors announced that these were raided the park around people including Chong Wa Dae chief economic Secretary An Zhongfan, the president’s private secretary Ding Haocheng (transliteration), culture, sports and Tourism Minister Jinzhong (transliteration), Pu Jinhui speech before writer Zhao Yingen (transliteration) and the new media policy office, former Chong Wa Dae official Jin Hanzhu (transliteration). During the search, prosecutors took away some computers, documents and mobile devices. A senior prosecutor told the media reporters, prosecutors raided An Zhongfan, Ding Haocheng, who is located in Chong Wa Dae office, got some officials in Chong Wa Dae. The prosecutor said: "at present, we can not publish the details of the search. The search will continue tomorrow, because we need something to do with the investigation." According to the prosecutor’s argument, prosecutors in the search process to the Chong Wa Dae, there is no direct Park Geun hye’s residence and office search. Direction of the office of the president of the United States asked for the relevant documents, the Chong Wa Dae is required to provide. In October 29th, the South Korean people held nearly 10000 scale rally in downtown Seoul, for park Geun hye to step down and find out the truth. Xinhua News Agency Niuxi Si [personnel big shake] Park "cronies" incident after exposure, the ruling New National Party asked her to make substantial reform of the personnel team and the cabinet Chief Secretary of Chong Wa Dae. Park Geun hye 28 asked around the resignation of 10 senior secretaries. According to the office of the president’s office, the new secretary team candidates will be announced as soon as possible. South Korean media expect Chong Wa Dae may be released next week, the new secretary of the team’s list. Pu Jinhui asked the class of the staff including presidential Secretary Li Yuanzhong, director of Chong Wa Dae chief economic Secretary An Zhongfan, in charge of Civil Affairs Chief Secretary Yu Bingyu et al. Among them, Li Yuanzhong has submitted his resignation on the 26 day. South Korean media also listed above the "counts". According to reports, Yu Bingyu not only failed to stop Cui Shunshi "politics", he was involved in another corruption scandal. An Zhongfan was suspected of helping Mr Cui Shunshi put pressure on some South Korean companies to donate to the two foundations related to Mr Cui Shunshi. In October 25th, Pu Jinhui published "相关的主题文章: