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PDD luxury car parked in the center of the road of millions of car has been crushed? The famous poet was so evaluation Ferrari: energy-saving, Trinidad Jiangling day. However, if Li Bai had met PDD, he would not say that the ancient wisdom. Recently, there are friends to take the PDD driving the car with his girlfriend travel photos on the road, attracted many fans feeling really is the sister-in-law with the right people. However, this picture, always feel like something is wrong. From around the crosswalk surrounded by can be inferred, the teacher prostitute’s location should be the center of the road parking. More netizens observed from the PDD position and fuzzy and vague anxiety expression can be seen in the use of teachers love seems to be a point of driving. More love fans, millions of vehicles are crushed Sao pig? Understand the car knows, although Ferrari is a luxury car, but also uphold consistent characteristics: delicate luxury car. The term used in the game is to describe the compression is not suitable for output. It is reported that in the picture of PDD driving a luxury car should be right in the fuckers just recently put back the Ferrari 488, Wang Sicong had promised to the car, is sent to Dota player 430. Although this level of well-known anchor, millions is not what a lot of money, but this thing is like a car but also is a partner, once it is on, it is difficult not to care about it. So in the circumstances, dare to assert that this car is not damaged PDD. Ferrari 488 after a simple check – in fact, can not be regarded as any inspection, the general feeling of the car is wrong, the first reaction is to get off the car to the car before, touch the engine cover. A little "professional" may put the hood open, was swept out of order inside line and parts. Don’t ask them how they are or what they are. Do not ask why they do it, this problem is more difficult than me and your mother out of the water to save you who is difficult to answer. This is not, after seeing a circle, a teacher or a prostitute obediently walked back. In any case, I still hope that the love of driving PDD did not appear too big problem, although still in the warranty period, but it is still in the middle of the road so dangerous. However, I do not know why, when you see these photos, my mind always echoed a world classic song: "toy car remote control car……" Happy together (Aggro gaming)! The female anchor and forgot to turn off the camera (Photos)相关的主题文章: