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People’s Daily: Japan’s strategic agitation it cannot play Too Big for Her Skin – Sohu military channel data figure: Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi. Japan in terms of compliance with international law misdeeds, what is the face in the international community about the "rules" and "rule of law"? The day before, Japan’s defense minister Inada Tomomi delivered a speech in Washington, in the East China Sea and South China Sea issue again wantonly "rule breaker" hat imposed on Chinese, has announced that Japan will carry out joint cruise drills, and the United States held military exercises with other countries in the region, helping coastal countries strengthen capacity building to increase on the South China Sea the intervention by. Japanese officials not only in words and deeds to borrow and clearly confuse right and wrong, to confuse and incite malicious destruction of regional stability. Talking about Japan, no one would like to say that it is not a big country, but the world will always be in front of a big country with the word "economy". The Japanese have been distressed, in the early 90s of last century and even a clear political power as a target. However, after a few years, the Japanese suddenly found themselves on the international stage, there is nothing to say". With the United States to return to Asia Pacific strategy emerged, Japan renewed political power and military power dream. Future historians comment on this history, you need to adjust the U.S. Asia Pacific strategy recorded on a chain reaction, that is to let the Japanese not to wash away the guilt of World War II defeated political power and military power dream to accelerate the revival of the former rival, challenges the postwar international order green light. Inada Tomomi listed a series of so-called "China threat" can not stand the fact that the test. It is well known that the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islands have been China’s inherent territory since ancient times. Chinese firmly safeguard its own sovereignty is as unalterable principles matter, no matter from which an international rules, and claims to "break the rules paddy Tomomi" does not take the upper bound. As for the so-called "East China Sea situation is broken", Japan need not hypocritical, the world knows in recent years on the Diaoyu Islands issue has taken "to break the status quo" the first step is not others, it is the Japanese themselves. The South China Sea issue, the so-called Philippines Nanhai arbitration violates international law and international arbitration practice, from the beginning is illegal and invalid, China does not accept, do not participate in the arbitration procedure, do not accept, do not recognize the verdict, it is true for the maintenance of international law. Which the provisions of international law and the United Nations arbitration a no relationship between the troupes have legal effect? Recently, the political farce noise has receded, but Japan not only for his play in this farce in a disgraceful role shy again unexpectedly jumped out rumor, makes noise in the international arena. Recently held in Vientiane, the East Asia Summit, even the "Wall Street journal" that American media have observed that ASEAN’s mild attitude and individual performance in contrast to foreign countries, ASEAN countries realize that it is necessary to find out a feasible solution to solve the dispute, but is not unnecessary to add fuel to the flames of tension. Japan is jumping up and down, in the end want to do what? It has dominated the security situation, Asia around asia.相关的主题文章: