People’s Insurance Department of the core management of earthquake have left for Naban senior player puritans pride

People’s Insurance Department of the core management of earthquake like senior players have left Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The core of leadership of life insurance and group level have recently left, for reasons that a market for low pay, the concept of the dispute, but Paul did not respond to an interview with reporters. Investor news reporter Pan Yichun people’s Insurance Group’s turnover is emerging. Recently, the media reported that the people’s Insurance Group veteran Li Yuquan has resigned from the post of vice president of the group, the personnel changes are listed companies PICC group Investor Relations Department confirmed. It is understood that in recent months, people’s insurance department executives have left, in addition to Li Yuquan, the people’s Insurance Group Executive Director Zhuang Chaoying, non executive director Li Fang, vice president of PICC Life Lan Yadong, chief investment officer Han Mingshan and PICC capital chairman Wang Huixuan have left the company. For the reasons for leaving, the parties say different, perhaps because of salary, it may be because of the difference between personal business philosophy and the company. At the outlet of the insurance industry capital but continue to set up a new company, some experience and deep veins of the insurance executives are becoming hot, the people’s insurance department executives have left, also confirmed that the senior managers are gradually to the new insurance insurance company or industry into the new. A number of veteran home insurance group is fully deserve the old insurance firms, founded in 1949, currently owns PICC, PICC assets, PICC Life Insurance, PICC Health Insurance, investment and other subsidiaries. The first half of this year, net profit of group insurance business amounted to 11 billion 300 million yuan, the total premium of 276 billion 600 million yuan, PICC Property insurance market continues to occupy the first place. The first handle the people’s Insurance Group executives are mostly senior getters or departments. Data show that the recent departure of Li Yuquan in 1994 to join Chinese insurance company predecessor, former vice president of Chinese insurance, insurance compliance officer, legal department, general manager of Shanghai branch general manager. Established in 2005, PICC health situation has not optimistic, but two years down the total premium of more than 10 billion yuan, business development is always difficult to break through, this is the biggest problem encountered was Li Yuquan. In 2007, Li Yuquan took office after President of PICC Health had used appropriately develop the bancassurance business and realize streamlining management within the company, the company was founded in 4 years, in 2009 finally achieved profitability for the first time, the annual report data show that when the company earned 14 million yuan. By the end of 2013, PICC Health Insurance Premium scale has reached 13 billion yuan, 900 million yuan at the end of 2006 is 14 times the size of the premium much, but profitability has been lackluster. On the whereabouts of the departure of Li Yuquan, as well as a number of related issues, investor news reporter had to verify the PICC group, but did not get a reply. The recent resignation of Wang Huixuan, chairman of the people’s insurance capital, in 2009 began to enter the life insurance executive相关的主题文章: