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"People’s power" (people’s Commentary) – View – people as a national base, people is the root of the country. The root of the power, it is difficult to see the surface, but plays an essential role in the deep. The popular sentiment, such as a strong root system in January 29th, Xi Jinping and other party and state leaders with non party people have a joyous gathering spring. In his speech, the general secretary proposed a very important proposition: "the balance of power determines the success or failure of the cause, the public attitude for or against". This is the second time this year the general secretary stressed this point of view. Recently held in the auditorium of the CPPCC in the New Year party, I just listen to the requirements of the general secretary: "the problem is the voice of the times, the heart is the biggest political. To promote the work of Party and state, we must adhere to problem oriented, listen to the voice of the people." The heart is power. Decide the public attitude for or against strength contrast, to determine the cause of the success and failure, gain and loss. This simple and profound truth, is one of the most important 90 years of experience Chinese Communist Party, is the interpretation of the images of the mass line and the united front of the magic weapon of the party, follow the fundamental and the new period of governance. The heart is the power, this is Chinese historical enlightenment. It has five thousand years of civilization, reflects "the husband and the people were happy, people will worry about their safety; the same with the people, people will save the crisis". Thinkers of the pre Qin period Guan Zhong is simply summed up: "the government in Xing Shun; administration of the waste, the people at the counter." The heart is the power, this is the history of the Communist Party of China enlightenment. Some people ask why Mao Zedong can beat Jiang Jieshi? Mao Zedong’s answer is: the Communist Party won the hearts of the people. The heart is the power, which is against the Wenchuan earthquake disaster to our enlightenment. In a sense, the disaster is a touchstone. The earthquake, collapsed buildings, strong, kind-hearted and unity but the earthquake does not collapse the people. The heart is the power, this is the moment we should fully mobilize the power, because the face of difficulties, especially the need for universal concentric. People Qi Tai shift. There is no cross but Our wills unite like a fortress., Hom, can not be too close. The current economic downward phenomenon, but our development of space is still great room for maneuver is still large, the financial and human capital to revitalize the stock is still large. Just received a number of higher education reached 120 million, more than the total population of Japan and the United States labor force. These people make full use of energy, can create a miracle. The heart is power, requires all sectors of society and try to work. China’s economic and social development of the ship is going all-out arrived in a well-off society there, need Chinese Communist Party to steer the ship, but also need to include members of democratic parties, the National People’s party and China rowing together good oar. To ride the wind and waves will pull together in times of trouble, and laugh at the scenery for the mighty storm. The heart is the power, of course we understand the people, listen to the voice of the people. What people think? What most people need? Most people hate what? People want to live better, look forward to a better education, more stable jobs, more income, greater social security,) “人心就是力量”(人民时评)–观点–人民网   人民为国家之基,人心则为国家之根。根的力量,表面难以看见,却在深层发挥着本质的作用。人心所向,则如根系牢固    1月29日,习近平等党和国家领导人同党外人士欢聚一堂迎新春。在讲话中,总书记提出了一个非常重要的命题:“人心向背、力量对比决定事业成败”。这是今年以来总书记第二次强调这个观点。前不久在全国政协礼堂举行的新年茶话会上,我刚刚聆听到总书记的要求:“问题是时代的声音,人心是最大的政治。推进党和国家各项工作,必须坚持问题导向,倾听人民呼声。”  人心就是力量。人心向背决定力量对比,从而决定事业的成败得失。这个简单而深刻的道理,是中国共产党人90多年以来最重要的心得之一,是党的群众路线与统一战线法宝的形象解读,也是新时期治国理政的根本遵循。  人心就是力量,这是中国历史给我们的启示。漫漫五千年文明,早已深刻体现出“夫与民共其乐者,人必忧其忧;与民同其安者,人必拯其危”。先秦思想家管仲则干脆总结:“政之所兴,在顺民心;政之所废,在逆民心。”  人心就是力量,这是中国共产党历史给我们的启示。有人请教毛泽东为什么能够打败蒋介石?毛泽东的回答就是:共产党赢得了民心。  人心就是力量,这也是战胜汶川大地震等重大灾难给我们的启示。从某种意义上说,灾难也是一块试金石。那场地震,震垮了楼房,却震不垮民心的坚强、善良与团结。  人心就是力量,这更是我们当下应该充分调动的力量,因为,困难面前,尤其需要全民同心。人心齐泰山移。众志成城,就没有跨不过的坎,过不了的关。目前经济出现了下行的现象,但我们的发展空间仍然很大,回旋余地仍然很大,存量盘活的财力与人力资本仍然很大。仅仅接受过高等教育的人数就达到1.2亿,超过了日本总人口和美国的劳动力总量。把这些人的能量充分发挥起来,就能够创造出惊人的奇迹。  人心就是力量,就要求社会各界尽力而齐心。我国经济社会发展的航船正在全力以赴抵达全面小康社会的彼岸,需要中国共产党为这艘巨轮掌好舵,也需要包括各民主党派成员在内的全国人民与中国共产党一起划好桨。同舟共济,才能乘风破浪,才能将暴风骤雨笑看为沿途风光。  人心就是力量,当然要求我们了解民意、倾听民声。老百姓在想些什么?老百姓最需要什么?老百姓最憎恨什么?老百姓希望日子过得更好一些,期盼有更好的教育、更稳定的工作、更满意的收入、更可靠的社会保障、更高水平的医疗卫生服务、更舒适的居住条件、更优美的环境。想老百姓所想,急老百姓所需,恨老百姓所憎,才能够赢得人心。当人民对幸福的向往,真正成为我们的奋斗目标,我们就和人民站在了一起,就自然赢得了民心。  人民为国家之基,人心则为国家之根。根的力量,表面难以看见,却在深层发挥着本质的作用。人心所向,则如根系牢固。就像一种红杉,虽然是浅根型植物,可是它们成群结队地成长,并将树根在地底相连,形成一张牢固的大网,狂风暴雨也无法摧毁它们,以至于它们能够高耸入云,成长为近百米的树林,让人叹为观止。  我们相信,如果人民如此心手相牵,没有什么困难不可克服,没有什么风雨可以阻挡,因为人心是一种神奇的力量,孕育着未来,催生着希望。  (作者为全国政协副秘书长、民进中央副主席)    《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月01日 05 版)相关的主题文章: