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UnCategorized Personal goal setting prevents you from simply drifting through your life. Without it, the days, weeks, months, and years will fly by and you will not even remember how the time passed. How would you like your life to be five years from now? Will it have momentum, or will it be a variation of the same struggles? How do you envision it? What people, places, and things will you experience five years from now? Will you experience lots of pleasure, or variations of current pain or boredom? If you make a decision right now to take control of how your life is unfolding and if you decide to envision what you want and .mit to setting goals, this could very well be a very memorable day. Do not let your inner critic dissuade you from personal goal setting and taking action. Also, remember goals should fill you with passion. You have to dream big dreams to summon the emotional energy to make them .e true. Some people like to pick one personal goal. Others, several goals. It does not really matter how you choose to set goals. You will achieve success if your intention is strong enough. Follow the example of the brilliant inventor, Buckminster Fuller: decide to live your life as a scientific experiment. When you think of doing a little experiment you can calm your fears and quit worrying about failure. Instead, this attitude of trying something and noticing the response eases the pressure. Imagine, just for a moment, how it would feel to .mit to creating the life that you want, even if, right now, you have no idea how to do it. Set your goals today. Make your goals into affirmations that you will read every day. Then make a plan with what you have right now. Once you do this, changes will start happening quickly. Better plans will emerge. New opportunities will arise. And, best of all, you will find your life much more exciting, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Take the time right now to allow yourself to daydream. Imagine all the things that you would like to do and all the things that you would like to have. Use the images in this daydream to shape your goals. Five years from now you will look back on this day and find that you are in the right place doing the right things with the right people. Begin personal goal setting today. Begin it as a little experiment. You will find it easy to stop drifting and you will enjoy creating a sense of direction. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: