Phone Text Game The Most Underrated Skill Of An Ultimate Player-avbox

Dating You take the phone up, you are about to phone text her but you have not got an idea what you will write. That is going to be tough, aye! Well, this is the problem that is faced by most men thinking of contacting a woman over the phone, even when they already have their phone number. But what is the problem? You have got the phone number, now just go and do it. Nah! Not so fast, dear. You have to make sure the woman reciprocates back, or else there is no point texting her. And the right way to text a woman is what we call the phone text game. It is not very hard, but mind you, it is not that easy as well. But that is okay. You just need to maintain certain rules when playing the text game with a girl. Now, what these rules are will be disclosed and explained in later blog posts, but right now, you will get some hints on how to play the phone text game the right way. Never send more than two texts at a time. Wait for her reply. Use the texts to make her miss you. A sudden cute .ment or a naughty remark can remind her of your yesterday’s mischief and will make her think about you. That is it for now. If you want some more, you can go and click the link below for a more .prehensive guide on how to attract and date women in my blog. After some thorough research, the guide articles are being put up. After following it for some time, you will find how much improvement it brings to your game. And here it is… About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: