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Ping An Pratt & Whitney released a new brand strategy Trust Loan – Sohu finance Sohu financial news (Luo plus) Ping An Pratt & Whitney in August 24th released a new brand concept in Shanghai, is the strength of trust!". "We hope to build a solid relationship with our clients, such as family and friends, for a long time," he said." Ping An, chairman and chief executive officer, said Rong rong. Ping an inclusive chairman and chief executive officer of Zhao Rong? Speech in the brand conference site, Zhao Rong?, from the beginning of 2005, inclusive peace after more than ten years of development, its business scope has been extended to the country’s more than and 200 City, the balance of loans to break the 120 billion mark from the original 100 million yuan to now, more than 10 years of growth over a thousand times. Especially in the near future, platform month new loans amounted to 20 billion yuan, the rapid growth of the performance of the company to become the industry’s well deserved leader. Mention the secret of rapid development, Zhao Rong, using customer data to give the answer: 25% of new customers per month is old customers. We are in these 11 years, given the full trust of customers, at the same time, they also enjoy high-quality, convenient service in the process of peace Pratt & Whitney has a strong sense of trust. This is a stronger, more enduring bond over the number of loans." Zhao Rong? Said, it is this trust, constantly optimize the customer rating system to help ping an inclusive accurate and simple, to provide customers with more convenient services, this is mutual promotion process and boost. It is worth mentioning that the day of the event, well-known actor, StarVC founder Quan Ren also appeared at the conference site. Mention of trust in business, the investment in the role and significance of Quan Ren experience, express their thoughts and opinions of many. "Trust is to believe and dare to entrust, a person’s survival and development need to trust, to achieve the dream more need to trust." Quan Ren said at the press conference: high trust can effectively improve efficiency and reduce costs. With high trust in the organization as a group of migrating geese flying, even when changing the formation and direction, each goose can tacitly adjust their speed, always so beautiful to maintain formation, coordination, unity of purpose, full of vitality, the final completion of thousands of kilometers of flight. The low trust organization is like a flock of sheep that are being rushed to the pasture. If there is no shepherd to drive, they may stop at any time, become aimless, and have no order." In addition, when talking about the new concept of peace "the Pratt & Whitney proposed trust is power", he said: "the very identity of many young people have their little dream, but they are waiting, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be trusted. Ping an inclusive is trying to complete their mission: a deep insight into the understanding of everyone, to find them invisible to others credit, and trust into line, let each person have the opportunity to realize their dreams, this is the power of trust." Famous actor, StarVC founder Quan Ren speech is reported, peace Pratt & Whitney’s products and services R & D and design concepts are based on its brand new brand of trust is the strength of the.相关的主题文章: