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"Poor students have poor students to be" screwyylogic original title: "the poor students have poor students to be" screwyylogic Author: Ren Kai recently, the net posts for wearing Nike shoes cancelled grant fueled hot. According to the authors, a university students, playing basketball is always wearing yellow shoes cracking, home to live frugally for several months, he bought sixty percent off doubles Nike shoes, will be canceled Grant Eligibility? Last year a university exposed: grants to students by limiting the amount of consumption per meal in the school cafeteria, girls dinner of not more than 6.7 yuan, the boys each meal should not exceed 7.2 yuan, otherwise it will be canceled has identified poor qualifications, the corresponding grants will also be canceled. Some colleges and universities issued regulations: students with laptops may not apply for state grants. What is more, some colleges and universities to apply for grants students came to power, the speech, vote for poor students". State grants are for families with poor students, to help them complete their academic policy grants. By the Ministry of education, Ministry of education, UNESCO division of Department of Finance and the national student financial management center jointly published the "college students" in the introduction of subsidy policy to make specific policies and funding the project, the scope of funding. A pair of Nike shoes, a laptop computer, a meal, as college students family economic difficulties that whether or not the standard is quite absurd. Study the standard simple and crude, the definition of stereotype of poor students, the lack of a comprehensive and in-depth study on the arbitrary, cancel the qualification of the grants, scientific and comprehensive standards can convince people? Moreover, with the development of science and technology of the society, the notebook computer price may have been bear for most ordinary families, the importance of the information construction of university classroom also highlight the notebook computer and other electronic products, these electronic products like students’ book and pen, in classroom learning has become more and more necessary. "Yes, and give him, that he may be rich, and what is not, and deprive him of his." There is a fable in the gospel of Matthew, which reveals the essence of polarization of the rich and the poor. "Poor students should have the appearance of poor students" is to deprive them of the final dignity and personal development opportunities. Some people will always love their good deeds from giving recipients, please take your good deeds based on trampling on the dignity of others is for mercy? No, it’s a fake. The name of the name of charity, think about is how to make immortal, ancient and modern. Poor students have their own financial power, not others. In modern society, everyone is willing to believe that their lives are more responsible and more professional. As for the poor students to have poor students like "is an" eat grape to say grape screwyylogic acid ". To promote scientific and rational allocation of grants, to further refine the identification of impoverished students, it is necessary to introduce the third party evaluation mechanism, from the family economic situation of poor students, family income, family labor quality and daily consumption of poor students floating threshold and so on, with the data of specialized, Kewei相关的主题文章: