Popular idol Xu Weizhou visited the black bear rescue center called on the public to protect the bea-winflash

Idol Xu Weizhou visited the black bear rescue center appealed to the public to protect the bear – Beijing Beijing in Chengdu on 26 September, (he and Wei Yao) in September 26th, the new idol Xu Weizhou appeared Sichuan Longqiao bear rescue centre, focus on large endangered wild animal may bear, and the scene for the bears and place food production. The first time close to see naive may bear, Xu Weizhou is very excited, but also a variety of shooting posture moon bears with a mobile phone. The accompanying staff also briefed him on some of the stars may bear story, such as baby Karen Mok adopted "bear son", Mo mother every year to see him; CAI is the name of his adoptive take, he is the master bear climbing in trees, often sit for a day. These stories make Xu Weizhou laugh, he did not think the moon bears also jokes that have their own character. Xu Weizhou live on the moon bear food hidden in the bear to play in the tire. He was taken in addition to the visit, Xu Weizhou also under the leadership of the staff carefully prepared for the month of the rich food, and food in the park. Looking at the moon bears eat him personally prepared food, and in the center of a healthy and happy life, he said happily: wild animal recovery ability is really strong, totally unexpected the bears have suffered like. Xu Weizhou carefully placed food for the moon bear. He took repeated illegal trade, habitat fragmentation caused by deforestation, as well as the use of the industry from the bear bile extraction and other reasons, so that the number of wild bear population decreased year by year. That month bear faced such a difficult situation, Xu Weizhou expressed deep concern, he also called for more people to pay attention to and protect the beautiful species of the month before the end of the visit. "In fact, these black bear rescue back this process really is not easy, I think this is a need to adhere to, the need for love of things, we need to go to complete this thing, if you have power, together to support the actions of protecting the black bear." (end)相关的主题文章: