Post Secretary courier companies to accelerate mergers and acquisitions douke

Postmaster: guide courier companies to accelerate the merger and reorganization of Ma Junsheng: the postal industry is in the period of October 9th have a brilliant future is the forty-seventh session of the world post day, member of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Post Bureau Director Ma Junsheng said, the postal industry as an important part of modern service industry, in promoting the circulation to promote the play more and more important role in the upgrading of consumption in the transformation, and have a brilliant future is in the period of strategic opportunities. Ma Junsheng Ma Junsheng said that the reform of the postal system implemented for ten years, we adhere to the "people’s post as the fundamental purpose of the people", firmly grasp the reform, undivided attention promote development, to ensure the universal postal service, to stimulate the vitality of market players, to bring together industry development of new energy, promote the postal industry to achieve leapfrog development, writing for the world anticipated China story". Statistics show that the total amount of postal services in China, the scale of business revenue grew by 6.3 times and 9.4 times, the number of courier business ranked first in the world. Postal service has become the fastest growing service industry in china. But Ma Junsheng also admitted that the postal industry is big but not strong, but not excellent, improve the quality and efficiency of the supply of the task is very arduous, the delivery channel security situation is complicated and grim, industry management responsibilities. "We must be in accordance with the" five in one "and the overall layout of" four comprehensive "strategic layout requirements, firmly establish and fully implement the five development ideas, hundred-percent to implement the several opinions of the State Council on promoting the development of express industry, to establish" postal service "concept, adhere to the" development "," grasp the guide "the key," the practice of integration of people’s livelihood "purpose, the spirit of the Jinggangshan firm ‘belief’ does not shake, to accelerate the construction of well-off society and the modern postal industry, firmly forward to the postal power." Ma Junsheng said. Ma Junsheng pointed out that the postal industry to adhere to innovation and development, pay more attention to expanding the effective supply of postal services. To drive innovation especially in the core position of the supply side structural reforms put in the overall development of the industry, accelerate the development of the power industry, the transformation from the traditional to the new energy kinetic energy development pattern, from volume growth to enhance the quality of development path from passive adaptation to the initiative to lead the transformation. Adhere to the coordinated development, pay more attention to the development of the short board filled the postal industry. To further promote the express "three" project, and constantly improve the service network in rural areas, the western region, covering domestic and foreign construction delivery system. Accelerate the implementation of the "three" project, better integration and integration of modern integrated transport system. Adhere to the green development, pay more attention to promote the postal industry low-carbon environmental protection. The green post into the construction of beautiful china. To promote environmental protection packing auxiliary application, advocate appropriate packaging, strengthen the management of packaging waste recycling and disposal. Continue to promote the production of energy-saving emission reduction, expanding the proportion of new energy vehicles to improve the proportion of clean energy. Adhere to the open development, pay more attention to enhance the international competitiveness of the postal industry. The initiative will be the introduction of technology capital, forcing the market to improve management, improve service capabilities. Actively promote the "going out" of Chinese enterprises, encourage postal enterprises相关的主题文章: