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How to eat can delay the aging of postpartum maternal and child – Sohu everyone wants to be young, especially just the production end of the female, can’t wait to restore the body to keep a young attitude, so mothers should be how to delay senescence through diet? 1, to ensure adequate calcium intake of breastfeeding mothers must be adequate calcium intake, so as to ensure yourself and your baby’s nutrition, otherwise, they may feel backache leg pain, it may be because the calcium content of milk were insufficient and affect the growth of the baby, if lack of calcium is in their lactation it will cause the amount of calcium in the consumption of too much, leading to their own health problems. In addition to dietary calcium supplement, also can eat a little calcium. 2, add water is very important in just a few days after the production, women always feel thirsty, eat, this is mainly due to the weakening of maternal gastric secretion, gastrointestinal motility and muscle tension, the skin becomes relatively strong power, always sweating. So remember to drink more water when doing the month, you can drink some juice, milk, soup usually. 3, don’t forget to add some salt old people think mothers can not eat salt in confinement when cooking, soup, so never put salt. In fact, this is wrong. The right amount of salt will have a positive impact on maternal, because after birth, the baby sweating is very serious, strong secretion of the breast, the body will always be the loss of salt, it is appropriate to add some salt is beneficial. 4, no food is more important than "tonic" in general, new mothers day almost burn calories 2700-2800 kcal, so mothers intake is best to increase by about 30% than before pregnancy. No matter the postpartum period is not very busy, must be time to eat, nutrition reasonable collocation, do meat collocation, diversification, not picky eaters, not a partial eclipse. 5, eat more foods containing pectin after birth, coupled with natural aging, the skin may be some problems. While breastfeeding in nutrient consumption, if the mother nutrition is not enough, the whole people will look very pale, so, can often eat some food containing colloid like, pig’s trotters soup bones, skin needs to supplement the collagen. 6, eat less acidic food during lactation, many new mothers to eat meat and fish every day, and then give your baby. Acidic food to eat too much, is not good for the body, but also cause the baby to get angry. Anger Wang, the whole people will be particularly impetuous, always irritable mood, easy temper. This can often eat some light food, drink plenty of water, yoga. New mothers in the production after the end if you want to quickly restore the body, keep healthy, well in accordance with the above recommendations to adjust the diet. 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours 21ours, more knowledge, maternal fetal education encyclopedia, please download the mobile phone "fetal education fetal education music box" App相关的主题文章: