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The precise reduction of tank warfare in World War II "lightning attack" IOS will limit free, game original title: precise reduction of tank warfare in World War II "Blitzkrieg" IOS will limit free Inverse Defense Mobile Games "Blitzkrieg" instant war as a realistic combat tank based Mobile Games since World War II, landing IOS platform, get a large number of game player attention World War II, and set off a wave of nostalgia. It is reported that the players should strongly demand, lightning strike is about to open the IOS limit free. Do not charge money out of trouble and quick game Operation Flashpoint "Blitzkrieg" is about to open the IOS limit free, no need to pay for the tedious game player behavior, direct download can enjoy the "Blitzkrieg" classic battle tanks. Fast, do not charge money out of trouble. In order to break the inheritance of classical Inverse Defense Shou steel lion foot complex world battlefield "lightning attack" to sophisticated quality reproduction of the classic World War II, from Dunkirk to Moscow, from Oman to Kursk, he had a major conflict tank battle, to restore, coconut wind sea, snow song grey wall, iron drums, Fountain Gate low room and describe the details, to ensure that the true classic battlefield. In addition to the first eye picture, the combat in the game the way of deducing inheritance classical inverse defense. All levels of the battle to conquer the enemy garrison guard, tear. In detail, the user can control the tank set fire attack target, realize the perfect star raiders. The legendary battlefield armored tank reproduction thunder lightning raid "screaming" the main battle tanks of World War II, the first star is naturally all kinds of tanks. Game loading including German Tiger, German and German panther, in Soviet T-34 classic World War II tanks, World War II era iron lion majestic reproduce. In the classic World War II tanks carrying multimodal, including 59-D, Chinese etc. famous contemporary Israeli Merkava tanks also settled armored "lightning attack", the guardian and the future of high-tech products from the Hulk, iron and steel, Xuanwu Apocalypse cross era tanks competition level. "Blitzkrieg" contained a variety of tanks, according to the attributes of the attack of the integration arrangement, game player in the choice of attributes of each type can be considered to consist of a tank tank collocation, the right to hit the enemy array, or other game player defensive deterrence. Yesterday’s heroic history reproduce the warlords battlecry finger complex sword empty tank is not enough to constitute a "Blitzkrieg" strength. Such as Macarthur, Zhukov’s strength will be in the game dress reproduction, delicate outline of famous historical figures ". The flames that day, "Blitzkrieg" is about to open the IOS limit free, waiting for your arrival. (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: