Pregnant women shopping center was pulled down by the police to control two people involved

Pregnant women shopping center was pulled down the police control two people involved in the new network – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wu Hongli Chang Xin) yesterday, Chen people reflect, November 15th late pregnant wife collided with a strange woman when shopping, the woman will be his wife fell to the ground, and fellow man to his wife abuse threat. After the incident, Mr. Chen has offered a reward of 5000 yuan to find the woman and her companions. Last night, the police will involve two people control. Yesterday, Mr. Chen told reporters, his wife has been pregnant for 21 weeks, the evening of November 15th in Haidian District Wukesong a shopping mall when confronted by a man and a woman, the woman stepped on the foot of Chen’s wife, "she may be too slow, the other with her elbow open, she almost fell." Mr. Chen said, his wife told each other that they are pregnant, but was the woman. Subsequently, the woman and Chen wife fell to the ground. Mr. Chen said, his wife fell to the ground, the woman and fellow man continue to abuse and threats, then sped away, "my wife was very worried about the fetus, did not go after them." After the incident, she went to the police for help. Chen introduced, after the incident, his wife felt sore, a lot of mental pressure, often awakened from a dream." By the way he sign posts, posted photos of beating women and their companions, offering a reward of 5000 yuan to witness the batterer clues. At 8:25 last night, the reporter learned from the Haidian police, currently involved two people have been controlled by the police.相关的主题文章: