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Property market is too hot   Xiamen restriction Wuhan limited Loan – Finance – People’s network on August 31st, Xiamen city land resources and real estate Authority announced that Xiamen will implement the housing restriction policy since September 5th. It is also the second tier city after the Suzhou announced the restriction in August 12th, and the second to restart the restriction. In the evening, Wuhan also formally announced the implementation of the property market limit loan policy. The industry believes that, since September 2014, the hot city real estate market showed a general trend from warmer to overheating, with the first half of the "King" blowout, housing prices rose too fast, so there should be more hot cities follow up similar regulatory policies. Xiamen announced yesterday that the purchase policy was more stringent than Suzhou. The new provisions: the suspension of 2 and have more permanent residents of the city family, has a non city residence households, unable to provide continuous pay for more than 1 years of social security of non permanent residents of the city home sales of 144 square meters and the following ordinary commercial housing and more housing units. Xiamen announced the purchase of less than 2 hours later, a loan limit from the Wuhan financial system began to spread in the industry. One of the policy measures involved is "for two or more housing buyers, and more than two sets of housing loans are not closed, the suspension of lending."." Until 20 o’clock in the evening, the relevant departments of Hubei formally issued the loan limit documents. Enjoysmart Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin was analyzed, compared to Nanjing and Suzhou to limit credit policy restriction policy, Xiamen’s harsh for foreign residents purchase on social security and severely limit the number of sets, basically recovered to the level of September 2014. It can be seen that Xiamen’s strict control over real estate investment. But more than 144 square meters is not limited, showing that Xiamen still left a large investment Huxing channel opportunities. For Wuhan’s loan limit documents, Yan Yuejin believes that the policy is relatively weak, similar to Suzhou, but still for real estate investment demand constraints, but just need little impact. Is the property market overheated? See a group of data, you know cold and hot. According to the Central Plains real estate research institute statistics, in the first 7 months of 2016, 30 listed housing prices total sales of 1 trillion and 330 billion yuan, up 72.2% year on year, refresh the record of the highest historical. First tier cities in August 2016, Shanghai land turnover amounted to 37 billion 60 million yuan, up 57.3%, an increase of 1389.7%, the turnover of 35 months to a new high. This has been restored to the purchase of Suzhou and Xiamen, in this year, 3-7 months occupy a national housing prices in the top four, and two plots of land sold "the most expensive land prices, Xiamen is more recently appeared in 9 consecutive blocks to create regional transaction records are the most expensive land is nine. For the policy has been upgraded in Shanghai, despite the relevant departments to rumor, but in August 30th, or rumors in Shanghai under the effect of creating 2139 sets of daily record of the highest record. The industry believes that in the strict control of the asset bubble under the policy background, for the real estate sector to reduce leverage policy is being released, one or two) 楼市太火爆 厦门限购武汉限贷–财经–人民网    8月31日,厦门市国土资源与房产管理局宣布,厦门市将自9月5日起执行住房限购政策。这也是继8月12日苏州宣布限购后,第二个重启限购的二线城市。当日晚上,武汉方面也正式宣布实行楼市限贷政策。业内人士认为,自2014年9月开始,热点城市房地产市场呈现出从回暖到过热的总体趋势,随着上半年“地王”井喷,住房价格上涨过快,因此应该还会有更多热门城市跟进类似调控政策。    厦门昨日宣布的限购政策比苏州严格。该新政规定:暂停对拥有2套及以上的本市户籍居民家庭、拥有一套及以上住房的非本市户籍居民家庭以及无法提供连续缴纳1年以上社保的非本市户籍居民家庭销售144平方米及以下的普通商品房。    厦门宣布限购不到2小时后,一份来自武汉金融系统的限贷草案开始在业界流传。其中涉及的政策措施之一是“对于有两套房或以上购房者,且有两套以上住房贷款未结清的,暂停放贷。”及至当日晚上20时许,湖北相关部门正式发出限贷文件。    易居研究院智库中心研究总监严跃进对此分析道,相较于南京限贷政策和苏州限购政策,厦门此次严厉在对于外地居民购房上的社保以及套数限制,严厉程度基本恢复到2014年9月的水平。可以看出,厦门对于投资炒房的严格控制。但144平方米以上未受限制,显示了厦门依然留下了投资大户型的渠道机会。    而对于武汉的限贷文件,严跃进则认为该政策力度相对较轻,思路与苏州类似,依然是对于投资炒房的需求进行限制,对于刚需则影响不大。    楼市是否已经过热?看一组数据可知冷热。    据中原地产研究院统计,2016年前7个月,30家上市房企销售额合计1.33万亿元,同比大涨72.2%,刷新历史最高记录。一线城市中,2016年8月上海土地成交金额合计为370.6亿元,环比上涨57.3%,同比上涨1389.7%,成交金额为35个月来的新高。    此次已经恢复限购的苏州和厦门,则在今年3-7月中占据了全国房价上涨幅度的前四名,而且两地均多块土地拍出“地王”价格,厦门更是近期出现了连续9块地均创造区域成交记录的地王九连拍。对于一直要政策升级的上海,尽管相关部门出面辟谣,但8月30日上海还是在传言效应下创造了日签2139套的历史最高成交记录。    业界认为,在中央严控资产泡沫这一政策背景下,针对房地产领域的降杠杆政策正在陆续出炉,一、二线城市全面信贷收紧是重要表征,尤其部分存在严重炒房行为的城市将会迎来严厉调控政策。    调控是否真实有效还需时间观察。同策咨询研究部总监张宏伟表示,从过往经验看,限购对于房价过快上涨的抑制作用不可忽视,2014年9月之前,全国数十个城市实施的限购政策曾一度让资金无处可“投”,投机需求得到良好遏制。而严跃进认为,从目前来看,房价上涨过快并非完全能被限购政策所克制,况且经历过此前的大规模限购,很多地方的刚需人士在社保、购买条件上已经准备充足,限购只能让买房意愿更加强烈。而中原地产首席分析师张大伟则认为未来政策开始“托底盖帽”,一部分城市依旧将鼓励去库存,另一部分城市的信贷将收紧。对于已经经历过2011年来多年限购的热点市场购房者来说,除非信贷收紧,否则抑制作用非常有限。(李虎) (责编:王子侯、乔雪峰)相关的主题文章: