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The relationship between Pu’er Tea – tea and human factors of hot and cold drink Sohu map: South Menghai in 2015: "snow beauty tea" local storage for locals drinking tea, which shows the influence of climate and environment of tea applied, make tea for the local transformation trend in average physique. Climate, environment, physical conditions, coupled with the three factors of Pu’er tea, cooked, new, old tea, resulting in a complex tea tea performance. Shi Kunmu teacher by summing up many years of tea production, storage, drinking experience, and combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory, corresponding relationship between the actual situation of Pu’er Tea tea of hot and cold and drinking were studied. From the angle of tea might not be easy but if the health care, theory, or tea are sensitive, it is very necessary to tea more understanding of the changes of Pu’er Tea. Conditional tea people in modern society, in the diet should be adequate to meet the basic needs of nutrition condition, nutritional excess may, rarely have the problem of malnutrition. In terms of geography, the north is dry, the average temperature is low, more meat, salty diet; the average annual temperature and humidity in the south is higher, more sweet diet. Different climate, environment and diet lead to the difference of physical fitness in different regions. Generally speaking, the southern hot and humid weather, the south is human matter is cold; the relatively cold climate of the north, north of human quality is hot. Pu’er Tea new tea cold, new hot tea, tea, tea, old old to real temperature. More than a few conditions, individual differences and the change of seasons with tea drinkers have a different choice of tea. For example, if the constitution is warm, in the summer to drink tea in the winter and the new system, you can drink stewed tea. At present and around the tea exchange income, north, northwest, Kunming tea body hot, is not suitable for long time drinking tea for drinking tea, daily should be mainly a certain vintage tea collocation. Southern tea body cold, can be cooked, collocation of tea trees, try to drink less tea platform. Most of the plateau tea cold high, not recommended for a long time a large number of drinking. The old, old tea tea true temperature, in addition to the special constitution (heat), any time and area basically are suitable for drinking, the amount of both — of course, can not be too outrageous, after drinking too much water will be poisoned. Physical deficiency people should drink new tea, summer tea drinking tea trees can improve winter collocation, high proportion. Hot physical person, especially hot, basically not suitable to drink tea with the new system, new and old tea and old tea, blood deficiency two people, basically can only drink tea here. Real hot, new trees suggest only drink tea, or a small proportion of old tea collocation. The quality of tea and drinking drinking health effects of physical match up to the best. As for the identification of individual physique, can be based on their daily physical condition, or for professional practitioners. According to actual situation and basically as long as simple distinction, tea basic does not have much conflict, a small negative impact on the body. If you have more tea brewing and drinking preservation, shopping and so need advice, please add the South Beauty Tea tea room, a tea taster red to personal micro number: dydy "相关的主题文章: