Putin served as head of foreign intelligence with abdominal or plans for the election norton disk doctor

Putin served as head of foreign intelligence with abdominal or to the original title: Putin by election as head of foreign intelligence or abdominal US election Russian media reported 23, Russian President Vladimir Putin 22 proposed by the outgoing chairman of the Russian State Duma parliament speaker of the house of Commons, Sergei Naryshkin served as head of the Russian Foreign intelligence service. Analysts believe that, by the background of Western isolation and the ruling United Russia party won parliamentary elections in Russia’s economic situation is more difficult, diplomacy, Putin such personnel changes show that the layout for the 2018 presidential election. "The president trust him" Russian satellite news agency reported that Putin met with Naryshkin in 22, and currently the director of Foreign Intelligence Bureau Mikhail Fradkov made personnel adjustment proposal, nominated Naryshkin to succeed Fradkov, who was elected president of the board of directors of the Russian Railway company. Vitale, a senior official of the Russian foreign intelligence service, said the appointment underscores the trust of Mr Putin in Mr. "It will strengthen the position of the foreign intelligence service, that is to say, the president believes in him," Korotev Kopf said. "Therefore, the tradition of politicians in this position will continue." In May 2008 Naryshkin became the director of the office of the president of Russia in December 2011, was elected chairman of the state duma. Analysts believe that, compared with Fradkov, Naryshkin is a more important political figure". China Institute of contemporary international relations, said Han Yichen, an assistant researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian foreign intelligence agency is mainly responsible for the intelligence work, very important. Naryshkin is also born in, followed by Putin for many years, deeply trusted by the president of the Republic of China, he was born in St Petersburg. Layout for the election? Satellite news agency reported that Putin said in a meeting with the same day, said the work of the foreign intelligence agency of Russia’s national security and stability is critical to the. He instructed the latter, the current situation, should actively cooperate with partner countries to combat terrorism, to prevent increased threat to russia. "Actively carry out the work, I refer to the cooperation with our partners in the main direction, the first is to combat terrorism," Putin said, "of course, the protection of the Russian President and the government to obtain timely and reliable information, so that we in the interests of the people and make accurate and thorough Russian decision." Just a few days ago, the ruling party won over half of the votes in the parliamentary elections, to maintain the State Duma for the first major party status. Although the Russian presidential press secretary Dmitri Per Skov had previously refused to say whether Putin intends to seek re-election in 2018, but analysts believe that this is a "wind vane" significance from victory to some extent alleviate the ruling party and Putin in the pre election facing pressure, the free energy adjustment of personnel arrangement, after two years ahead of the layout the presidential election paved the way. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: