Qin Hao, the Yangtze River map cited concern about the simultaneous outbreak of the amazing business-darren hayes

Qin Hao "Yangtze River map" the business and cited concern about explosive amazing entertainment Tencent directed by Yang Chao, Qin Hao, Xin Zhilei starring magic love film "Yangtze River map" is the only theaters, as of 2016 was selected for the Berlin film festival main competition of the Chinese film, to show the audience a fantasy or dream of the Yangtze River poetry volume. Starring Qin Hao as in the past with stable play, the perfect interpretation of a middle-aged poet upstream to find salvation, get outside the industry praise, international famous magazine "minglichang" praised "this is a very intense film, Qin Hao’s superb performances called". The most painful career in the process of creating amazing screen outbreak when asked countless times to the star of the film festival in Berlin, the main competition unit of the film’s greatest feeling is what, Qin Hao is no doubt that the answer is hard". Lou Ye and Wang Xiaoshuai as the first actor, and has a solid and stable performance of the foundation and the ability to create a professional career, but the shooting of the Yangtze River, the history of the experience is the most hard time he once. The whole process is taken from the source of the Yangtze River to the end of three months, all the crew and Lazarus are crowded in a "five-star cruise boat". In order to achieve the role of swelling effect, Qin Hao did not even wash three months, weight gain of 15 pounds, the degree of difficulty is evident. Qin Hao on the performance of excellence does not exclude the role to make the sacrifice of the Yangtze River in the coldest season because of the filming of the river shot, or even be difficult to urinate. Qin Hao also paid for the role was expressed and recognized outside the industry, the international famous magazine "minglichang" praised "this is a very intense film, Qin Hao’s superb performances called". The audience after watching the admiration "Qin Hao act is good". The accumulation of life, the outbreak of the work, the strength of the actor Qin Hao with a quality film to prove the excellent actor’s self-cultivation. Don’t choose the role of literary and commercial seven awards finalists low-key before "Yangtze River map" is not the first starring Qin Hao Berlin film festival main competition films, Qin Hao actually has been nominated seven times the famous international film festival. Qin Hao has a very stringent requirements for the creation of characters over the years uphold the principle of "acting personal cleanliness" principle, eleven years, he has been shortlisted for the Seven International Film Festival, International Film Festival finalists is China, most of the actors, including the four Cannes actor nomination, the two Berlin Film Festival winner and a nomination Venice Film Festival nominated actor. In the literary film all-powerful Qin Hao, has made great achievements in the field of commercial films, in April this year, with partner Chen Kun blockbusters "hero" was released Hot pot by viewing boom, and ultimately produce a satisfactory answer at the box office over four hundred million. Qin Hao played Xu Dong become a major bright spot for the majority of the audience favorite, suck powder countless, proved their commercial value. When asked after more art or business, Qin Hao said quietly "literary film business, but the role is not divided, as long as they love to play, we will consider the" full quality character actor. As a high-profile actor in recent years, Qin Hao did not want to be labeled, in the arts and commerce between him acting first, free switching performance model, on the one hand trying to shape the audience for each role.相关的主题文章: