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Real-Estate MLS flat fee service, for many prospective home sellers, is an ideal alternative to traditional, full-service realty. By using MLS flat fee service, you can avoid the extra costs associated with premium professional real estate services, while still taking advantage of crucial marketing tools available only to professional Realtors. Real Estate America has years of experience helping homeowners like you take advantage of MLS flat fee serviceand they can even handle full-service transactions, if thats your preference. MLS flat fee service is essentially a version of professional realty service that has been stripped to its absolute essentials. Where full-service realty would consist of a variety of different duties for the Realtor–including showing the property, handling price negotiations, and helping you closeMLS flat fee service buys you just a listing in an MLS, or "multiple listing system." An MLS is a database of available properties, accessible exclusively to Realtors. Listing your property in an MLS ensures that Realtors in your area are aware that it is for sale. This allows them to direct potential buyers to your property, which in turn makes your property much faster and easier to sell. MLS flat fee service from Real Estate America is a great alternative to selling your home completely on your own, because it relieves you of the responsibility for actively marketing your property, while saving you money. MLS flat fee service from Real Estate America requires you to pay a flat rate in exchange for your MLS listing. Once the listing has been placed, there are a few additional costs associated with the service. The initial flat fee is usually anywhere from five-hundred dollars to five-thousand dollars. After that fee has been paid, there is also typically a three to six percent commission paid to whatever cooperating broker finds a buyer for your property. This is substantially less expensive than using a traditional, full-service realty package. MLS flat fee service alleviates some of the most arduous aspects of the process of selling real estate, while still allowing owners to keep the vast majority of the proceeds from the sales of their properties. Its an ideal middle ground between traditional realty service and selling a property completely on your own. Real Estate America also offers full-service realty, for those who would rather have the sale process completely taken care of. Fees for this type of service are higher, but many people prefer it, because it completely relieves them of the burden of handling any and all tasks associated with selling property. Whether you decide to take advantage of Real Estate Americas MLS flat fee service, or whether you elect to use their full-service offering, know that you are leaving your sale in the hands of experienced industry professionals, with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right. Real Estate America is a provider of MLS flat fee service and full-service listings. For more information, visit Real-Estate America . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: