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"Real man" in season second premiere ratings win monitor Wang Wei circle powder Thor commando late on October 21st, jointly produced by the empty political television art center and the Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second – Air Force report shocked the premiere, as a prime time in the fourth quarter of Friday’s event for that program into servicewoman. Blood and laughter and warmth with full strength, shock, new recruits and constantly challenge themselves, but also inspire, touched countless viewers, for different age and sex of the audience into the synchronous Camp Youth, blood sway. The latest data show that the National Broadcasting Network ratings 1.87, the share of 5.83, while the first section of the country. First loyalty is as high as 36.7%; reputation, shows once again showing a hot zero poor ultra high trend, micro-blog "real man" variety list list of PA gains first day, the topic # real man # total reading volume exceeded 3 billion 850 million, more than 2 million 850 thousand topics. Show in the first season of high quality and zero poor on the basis of the "real man" in season second upgrade breakthrough, once again demonstrates the positive energy of Hunan satellite TV powerful innovation system and national feelings. The air force recruits report faded aura challenge this season is inspired by high temperature energy program, let the audience feel one of the biggest highlights is the program selected eight age span, gender differences, the character is not the same star guests in-depth air force front-line troops. Last night, the women added a charming landscape Xintian, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, Zhang Lanxin and Shen Mengchen together to accept height and weight all transparent examination, accept the whole makeup challenge, three minutes for clothing and other cruel challenges, it is detonated countless hot spots, also let the audience feel everyone into the camp to forge their own determination. Yang Mi and Liyan Tong for sunburn sunscreen with pot cooking, Zhang Lanxin, Shen Mengchen and Sun Yang split position of the white and black combination, became a hot topic in the network. In outdoor fitness test, women end abdominal exercises, sit ups, push ups, and the timing is the same standard of male soldiers. We see the big power power selfless and insist, see in lactation ya ya don’t give up, also see blueheart test scores for the target sprint, Chen rosy dream. Many people think, into the female "real man" "more life, more rhythm." Male soldiers into the love to laugh like Sun Yang, left the stadium into the battlefield, he restores a real boy to the audience, and instructors when chatting amused my trunks still more impressive; Jiang kifo entertainment fitness King’s name is also shown in the show most incisive Yiqijuechen, sit ups and push ups link and also let everyone scared silly, expect to see his next performance; upright self into the camp is yellow Zitao encountered hitherto unknown challenge, marched from the show nunchaku to the right, many dubbed the "Tao prone" times punished, unique personality to make people laugh, and in the training field on the monitor and seriously also let the audience a feeling his way there will be more of the story; "mayor" Li Rui responsible for program verse play, "I put all to the troops" You sit up and take notice, and in the process because of age and physical strength, and the model is to make people move more.相关的主题文章: