Red ban small dump truck dropped more than 70% months in new

Red ban small dump truck dropped more than 70% months – Beijing         Nanfang Daily News (reporter Li Ronghua) in the shuttle small dump truck size, carrying all kinds of garbage street in Shenzhen, there are more than 1.3 vehicles. Because of the security risks outstanding, began in early September of this year, Shenzhen police carried out strict regulation, through a series of innovative Internet measures, and achieved good results, two months of small dump truck red ban violations decreased by 73%.         light dump truck small dump truck "that is engaged in construction waste, decoration materials, building materials, garbage transport, the current number of small dump truck only Shenzhen police registered has reached more than 1.3 vehicles. In recent years, the small dump truck in Shenzhen Road, high overload and overspeed driving car extended refit, Yisa load, illegal dumping of construction waste and other acts, seriously affected the city road traffic safety.         according to statistics, only in June 2016 – October, Shenzhen involving small mud car accident 83, resulting in a total of 3 deaths. In September 2016, the traffic police stopped a car refused to stop check, accelerate the small dump truck fled, serious impact on traffic safety investigation, the car loaded with construction waste, overloading up to 24.5 times.         to solve small dump truck traffic order and safety hazards prominent, serious traffic violations prone and other issues, to further strengthen the supervision of transportation order, protect the city’s traffic safety, Shenzhen police launched a small dump truck and a series of investigation and remediation actions, and according to the "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" the relevant provisions of the traffic management measures issued restrictions on traffic "small dump truck".         in accordance with the provisions of the small dump truck in Shenzhen city all day long ban on non plate into four administrative regions in the road the original SAR, and in some sections or periods, all small dump truck forbidden line containing the city plate, due to construction and other special requirements (except by pass the).         limit order after the release, Shenzhen police synchronization enabled all over the city’s range of 23 sets of electronic police equipment, severely punished against small dump truck "Chong ban", with remarkable results. According to statistics, since August this year to October, a small dump truck "Chong ban illegal monthly decline, respectively, 1014 cases, 442 cases, 278 cases, a reduction of 72%.           – link       the use of big data rectification has merit of         1 big data analysis         Shenzhen police on all over the city’s ten districts (including new) 299 cards, the use of license plate recognition technology for small dump.相关的主题文章: