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Repeat: Indonesia Chinese made nearly 730 anti gun is very satisfied with the purchase of Sohu has military channel data figure: Chinese produced type 730 ciws. Reference News Network reported on August 26th: foreign media said, Jakarta is located in Chicago Nangka Indonesia national army headquarters sources said on August 23rd, the Indonesian navy signed a purchase type 730 CIWS from China contract. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on 24 August, this system will be installed in the pattimura level Indonesian Navy frigate "Silas? Papel, located in the front of the ship to replace the 30 mm gun. After successful installation, "Silas Pampel?" will be the level of second ships known use of weapon systems Chinese Indonesia warships. Its sister ship Taha Saifuddin? Sultan frigate in August 2015 of the system conducted a live test. The type 730 CIWS is a radar guided 7 tube 30 mm gun, which can provide effective defense against incoming precision guided weapons and aircraft. The Chinese people’s Liberation Army’s multiple warships, such as the 051C destroyer and the type 052B destroyer, are using a variant version of the weapon. The type 730 CIWS has also been selected for two three KCR-60M class missile boats on the Indonesian navy. The Indonesian state-owned shipyard Parr military company will cooperate with the China North Industries Group Corporation in 2017 in Surabaya, Indonesia the system will be installed to "Silas Pampel?" no.. The type 730 CIWS was first installed in the "Taha Saifuddin? Sultan, to assess whether this system is applicable to meet the operational needs of the Indonesian navy. For another ship pattimura class frigate choose the same weapons system, means that the navy is very satisfied with the performance of the type 730 CIWS, may continue to purchase this system to the level of other warships. In recent years, the Indonesian navy has purchased a number of Chinese developed weapons systems.相关的主题文章: