Report on the implementation of the law of the people’s Republic of China China’s entry and exit per-baxia

The exit Entry Administration Law: report of the implementation of China entry-exit personnel annual increase of 6.7%- in new network on 5 November, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Bai Yang) since July 2013 the implementation of exit entry administration law, the national entry-exit personnel total continues to substantially increase an average of 6.7%. Among them, the 2015 immigration officers up to 520 million passengers in the first half of this year, a total of 270 million passengers. This is the reporter from the 5 National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the State Council on the implementation of the report on the implementation of the law of the people’s Republic of china. According to the report, the relevant departments continue to deepen reform and innovation, the introduction of a series of simplified procedures to facilitate the entry and exit of citizens. The implementation of the policy in the residence to apply for private exit and entry documents, promotion of private entry and exit documents online booking self-service, comprehensively promote the reform of electronic documents…… At present, the effective passport holding amount has reached 120 million of the area, most residents only need to submit identity cards, photos and other materials can apply for private entry and exit certificate, self-service clearance number has reached 39% of the total number of entry and exit. In recent years, China continued to promote the facilitation of visas, Chinese passport gold content increased significantly. At present, China has signed with 127 countries of the visa abolition agreement, of which 8 for the full visa agreement reached 63 copies; simplify visa procedures agreements or arrangements with 39 countries; China citizen tourism destination country is also expanding the scope of the current has reached 153. Foreigners visa, immigration, residence and other policies are also continuing to optimize. 7 research institutions were included in the application for permanent residence of foreigners in China work units; marketing channel pilot the establishment of talent for permanent residence, shorten the approval time of high-level personnel of foreign permanent residence application; support the innovation and development of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian Branch Center exit FTA construction immigration policies have been introduced. The report pointed out that the immigration law implemented 3 years, a series of related laws and regulations were promulgated, public security, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese Affairs, education, human resources and social security, foreign experts and other departments have also introduced the corresponding provisions for all kinds of Chinese exit and entry of citizens and foreigners in China documents work, international students work study etc.. At present, an exit and entry administration law as the core of the exit and entry management law system has been initially established, law enforcement more standardized, social credibility and satisfaction to further enhance.相关的主题文章: