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Reporter observed: how to form a new supply of Chinese clothing industry, a new way out? – Fashion – People’s original title: reporter observed: how to form a new supply of Chinese clothing industry, out of a new way? Xinhua news agency, Qingdao, October – 23: how can China’s clothing industry form a new supply and a new way out? Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Xinxin, selling clothes, sometimes 1 million yuan orders are difficult to find. While selling solutions, tens of millions of orders everywhere." Held in Qingdao Chinese clothing conference, red group chairman Zhang Daili told reporters that this year, the individual custom clothing business has experienced the test of the market, income growth, as a result, we have to find new markets, the formation of a new supply, out of a new way." Under the new situation, the apparel industry how to crack the high inventory, low turnover, high cost problem? Where does it come from? In the China clothing conference, some entrepreneurs and industry experts have many innovative ideas for each one airs his own views, let a person shine at the moment. The new supply comes from the new technology. Changes brought about by the new technology is extending from the retail end of the whole industry chain." Domestic brand white-collar group chairman Miao Hongbing said at the conference, represented by the Internet, to seize the new opportunities of technology, the garment industry is ushering in the channels, services, production of dense willow trees and bright flowers from many aspects such as". For example, through big data analysis application to seize the consumer preferences, to achieve accurate supply; through the introduction of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet, reducing the cost to the inventory; experience upgrading through Internet technology, to provide quality services and so on. Once the foundry industry henpel group through technological innovation and integration of the Internet, from the clothing manufacturing enterprises transition to a one-stop service platform. In the past, we are just a small role in the industrial chain, and now the integration of the design, manufacture, sales and other links. As long as we ask, we can make it." Hempel group president Gao Min said at the meeting, Hempel more like the "bit", the garment industry through the introduction of cross-border cooperation partners on the platform, to create "sharing" mode of operation, to achieve a rapid response to the market, active. Executive vice president of Chinese Garment Association Chen Dapeng believes that the application and extension of digital technology, network technology and automation technology in the industry, will increase the resources industry configuration, coordinated innovation ability, improve the production efficiency, make industry gradually moving towards intelligent. Seize the opportunities brought by the revolution in science and technology, the Chinese garment industry will build a new advantage in the global industrial structure. Secondly, the new supply from the new consumption. Many experts believe that the biggest opportunity lies in the current consumer upgrade. This includes the upgrading of products, channels and experience. "Clothing enterprises to adapt to, and lead to changes in consumer lifestyles." Zhang Rongming, chairman of the Group believes that the diversity of products today, especially in the channel and the experience of the upgrade, not only to increase the user viscosity, but also to tap new markets. Last year, the "love woman" came into being. Here, consumers can not only buy products, you can also enjoy skin care, beauty相关的主题文章: