Resident Evil Afterlife 3d Film Review

Arts-and-Entertainment First of all, I never figured out how the owners of this franchise were ever able to squeeze 2 sequels out of the first movie, let alone this third one. The original Resident Evil was a nice surprise when it came out, and quite good too. There were plenty of zombies to kill, and they eliminated them in some truly imaginative ways. But unlike George Romero and his Living Dead series, the makers of these films had nothing new to say in the sequels. Just more zombies to kill. In Resident Evil: Afterlife, director Paul W.S. Anderson doesnt even give us that. Inexplicably, the viewer doesnt see a single undead until 30 minutes after the movie starts. And there is a considerable amount of downtime between action scenes. This translates into boredom for the viewer. To give this film its due, it must be said that the opening sequence is pretty darn good. Resident Evil: Afterlife begins not long after the previous movie, Resident Evil Extinction leaves off. Alice (Milla Jovovich) has gotten .fortable with her clones and now she is ready to fulfill her promise to wipe out the Umbrella Corporation, the .pany responsible for unleashing the T-virus and turning most of the Earths inhabitants into brain craving zombies. Alice and her clones raid the Umbrella Corporations underground facility in Tokyo and decimate it. But instead of seeing one Alice perform impossible stunts we see about 15 Alices make unbelievable fighting moves as they fight to the death. If only the rest of the movie was as good as this. Through an absurd and convenient plot device, Alice loses her superhuman powers and then loses her clones. Suddenly shes on the run and headed to a supposed safe haven in Arcadia, Alaska where her friends headed to. But when she arrives there all she discovers is an empty landing field and a deranged Claire Redfield (sexy Ali Karter) who is under the control of some weird biomechanical device. Alice saves Claire and then the two proceed to Los Angeles where they encounter another group of survivors holed up in a prison. With the prison gates swarming with zombies and a new dangerous giant axe/hammer wielding threat heading their way, Alice, Claire and the survivors must find a way out as soon as possible. This is probably the worst installment in the "Resident Evil" series. Its just so pointless. The action sequences (except the opening raid) aren’t anything amazing and I felt as if I was watching "The Matrix" most of the time. It over-uses slow-motion way too much to the point where it gets really annoying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: