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Reward the child the right way, you do a few steps? Sohu maternal school teacher reward children, generally use small safflower, pentagram, cover seal, and then accumulated to a certain number can exchange small gifts, such incentives is of some use, but the apparent lack of guidance, material rewards greatly is not conducive to children to establish the internal driving force. Primary school teachers in western countries "prize" is not limited to awards or verbal praise, but the rich and colorful variety. The following prizes, perhaps we can not completely borrow, but there will be a lot of inspiration. Obviously, the reward is not only to get more material, but a kind of values and shape, the western countries to avoid driving children with material reward, more of a sense of responsibility, sense of honor, honor, sense of achievement, independent choice, more freedom to drive the children, help children establish the the intrinsic driving force. It is worth learning and using for reference! 1, take the teacher’s seat; – experience the sense of authority and honor 2, take care of small animal feeding for 1 days in the class; — to cultivate the children’s sense of responsibility and love him, 3 people together for lunch; — enjoy the right to choose, 4 teachers to parents on the phone — and praise; parents to share happiness, progress and achievement of 5 line standing in front; — because of personal effort and enjoy the glory of 6, to reduce the amount of work; — to gain access for personal efforts and the special rights of 7, selected lunch music, let students bring a tape or CD from home — enjoy independent choice; happy 8, the recorder in the class to take home a night; — get to enjoy the privileges for personal use, 9 color chalk; — enjoy due to personal efforts to obtain the With the glory of 10, invited guests on the outside to enjoy the class; — gained by personal effort and the glory of 11, ready to drink; — enjoy the choice for personal efforts and more freedom. 12, can be used at any time — for a pencil sharpener; enjoy the people to attain freedom of choice and more free happy 13, class pet animal home one night; — get to enjoy privileges for personal service in 14, low – grade; 15, cultivate the children’s sense of responsibility to the librarian assistant; training — a friend 16, invite other classes of responsibility the children in the class to lunch; — and enjoy the right to choose 17, for the teacher to choose a book for personal efforts, let the teacher read. – experience; sense of authority and autonomy in 18, according to their own wishes to change seats; — and enjoy the freedom of choice and more freedom for personal rights to 19, animal toys on the table; — enjoy due to personal efforts to obtain more free rights 20, lunch with the teacher; – experience sense of authority and honor 21, to record a story with a tape recorder in the class; – experience sense of authority and honor 22, in the game to be the host authority — experience!相关的主题文章: