Riot makers interview why do league games

Riot makers interview: why do league games [Abstract] in October this year, "hero alliance" developer Riot released a new game "Mechs vs Minions". Why is Riot to do a game? Gamasutra on the board game producer Chris · Cantrell interview. In October this year, "hero alliance" developer Riot released a new game "Mechs vs Minions". This game uses the "hero League" role image, support 2-4 players in 5 different maps of the game. The main mechanism of the game is the combination of cards and chess, currently supports two languages, English and simplified chinese. Domestic players can download the multi language version of the rule book and picture material on the official website of the game. Why is Riot to do a game of "Mechs vs Gamasutra? Minions" producer Chris · Cantrell (Chris Cantrell) were interviewed. Why, after ten years of making video games, Riot is going to set up a table game? Chris ·: Cantrell: I think it’s just a matter of the outside world. Within the company, we have always thought that we are just a game company, has been looking for players to create a truly memorable, exciting game experience. In my eyes, not the League of heroes achievement Riot, but Riot achievements of the League of heroes. So we try to do some – one place can produce amazing growth and creativity in game field. For us, this is what the player wants. Perhaps the "Mechs vs Minions" and other games are not suitable for all game player, but I think the concept and mechanism of these games can bring exciting gaming experience "Mechs vs Minions" s component is from? Chris · Cantrell: about three years ago, we recruited Stone · Levin Brandt (Stone Librande). He is the kind of "designer designer", very love in various ways to design the game, once the "chief designer" Sim City, and in the "spore" and "Diablo" team work. As a very successful designer, he likes to spend his spare time in the design of the desktop game for his family, do 15-20, every Christmas to make a new. When he came to Riot, we had a chance to play one of them, and then we found that there are many unique things in this desktop game. We add a lot of complex systems and levels to it, and then optimize it for two and a half years. But its core system remains, and is entirely from Stone. At present the game picture of the game is not the kind of "we want to do a desktop games, so we have to do what?" the way, "but this is a great game, we can think of a way to make it appear in more people.相关的主题文章: