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RNG win big brother! PDD: the devil angle toxic ah Beijing time on September 30th at 2 in the afternoon, the first day of the S6 season group phase has only the last game, although it is the last game, but it is the number one seed in North America TSM and RNG competition. Even if the game began BP failure, so that the pot can not get a blind man was hit by the wild wild, but this does not affect the enthusiasm of the players, with the fact that even if you know how I know how the routines! Finally, play in the perfect Mata young, powerful rolling RNG with incomparable and had won the first game victory! RNG official micro-blog: PDD is playing a joke on micro-blog, which also proved the side of the powerful Mata strength. PDD: big brother lying in a pool of blood. The painful moans: the angle of toxic (pull the nose) Joker released a decisive tainted milk (coach fast magic!) Joker: the demon Mata back spring! Miller also lamented: Miller Mata MVP, in second BP did not choose to Rambo blind case, put up with the rhythm. Under the feeling today, LPL two teams played the best is the old S4 champion players, Mata and pawn of this critical moment an old traveller really stand in the town court. We hope that LPL’s next release, don’t be afraid to back the pot, come on! If wind expresses appreciation to RNG! If the wind break group: biggest enemies, RNG can continue! Can hold thousands of pressure, to win the team’s enemies, good RNG! I hope they can put down the burden in the next game, dare ganpin! Create brilliant achievements! LPL, come on!相关的主题文章: