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Rookie League overtime to lose fast logistics or Taobao all day cat killer – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, recently, rookie alliance Tmall supermarket and Juhuasuan launched the "rookie League time". It is reported that, during the event at the Tmall supermarket (September 23rd -28), Juhuasuan (September 28th -29) payment orders and successfully, and the use of aging service alliance rookie buyers, once the goods delivery time is beyond the limitation of time for performing the corresponding service to buyers, rookie union pay a penalty for breach of contract. This means that consumers enjoy cost-effective products, but also access to quality logistics services. Since the establishment of 6 months, have access to Tmall, the International League Rookie Tmall supermarket, Juhuasuan and other core business, and after 418, 618 and several large electricity providers to promote the baptism of the day, the next day the city continued expansion, the user was aware of delivery speed upgrade. The timeout free single and overtime payment service, can see the pace of development and future ambitions more rookie. Rookie network was established in May 2013, the goal is to create a data driven collaborative platform for social logistics, the future of 24 hours of delivery in China will reach the global reach of 72 hours of delivery. Rookie network and electronic business platform, ant gold suit and called the three most important strategic ecosystem Alibaba business layout. As of March 2016, the rookie network together with partners, covering 224 countries and regions worldwide and domestic 2800 counties, all Chinese 7 Express Parcel run in rookie data platform. A lot of people do not know the rookie now, because so far, the world does not have a model like a rookie." For the rookie rookie of the network business, said Tong Wenhong CEO can use the "three things" to sum up, the first thing is to do the infrastructure, including data infrastructure, and partners together with the construction and upgrading of logistics infrastructure; the second thing is done on the basis of data products, help businesses and partners to promote logistics the efficiency of logistics, global optimization. The third thing is to do the standard, we put together the strength of the formation of rookie League, providing standard public service brand, public service system, etc.. The delivery time in the past is often considered self logistics advantage, the rookie League time to hope that through such a service, to strengthen the minds of consumers, gradually reversing inherent in the concept of user self business to the next day, day. Allow users to gradually realize that Tmall Taobao shopping can also enjoy the fastest and most punctual logistics experience. Tmall supermarket and Juhuasuan’s huge volume of orders, the launch of a single service late, but also shows the rookie League confidence in their own logistics and distribution capabilities. With the super hot war, rookie League in which the role will gradually increase. In fact, the rookie League to achieve such a fast pace, and Alibaba investment in the logistics level has a great relationship. And this investment is expanding with its size, time goes on, and continue to ferment a bigger bonus. Alibaba was clear.相关的主题文章: