Rural teachers to check on the grounds of molesting 4 girls were sentenced to 10 years-ddrtys

Rural teachers to check the homework by molesting 4 girls was sentenced to 10 years in the original title: Yunnan rural teachers molesting 4 girls in the first instance jailed for 10 years 22 reporters from Yiliang County of Yunnan province people’s court was informed that the hospital 19 days in Yiliang County Luoze River original teacher Zhang Mouquan child molestation case verdict, the defendant Zhang the crime of indecent assault, was sentenced to ten years in prison. During the defendant Zhang all taught in a rural primary school in Yiliang County Luoze River (January 2015 to December 7, 2015), the use of the opportunity to the students in the school classroom, to check Lee, Zhang Moumou, surname Wang, Tao Moumou (four of the victims were girls, all born after 2005) operating under the guise of the time the adjacent and sit, forced the victim Moumou, Tao Moumou each implementation obscene once; the victim surname Wang, Lee repeatedly implemented lewd. The defendant Zhang also to guide the surname Wang, Lee to do the homework as an excuse to use the same method to the surname Wang, Lee of the implementation of indecency once in its office; in the teaching building two floor balcony Lee implemented a lewd. After the accident, the defendant Zhang occasionally give the victim Wang Moumou, Lee et al. Ranging from 1 to $10 in cash or to report that the victim is not allowed to read the threat to prevent the victim report. In the case of the trial process, the four victims and their legal representatives in accordance with the law filed an incidental civil action, requiring the defendant to compensate for a variety of economic losses of the four. The court presided over the mediation, the defendant Zhang full voluntary compensation respectively all economic losses of 10000 yuan each, and commissioned by the court staff from the housing provident fund deducted performance. The court held that the defendant Zhang total disregard for the law, corruption, the despicable dirty obscene teaching underage girl, his behavior constituted indecency. The teachers who are the people, have a special responsibility to minors who should care, care for students, protect the legitimate rights and interests of students are not violated the obligation, but it has to satisfy their sexual stimulation, sexual desire, in the classroom and other occasions of the education bears the responsibility to protect the number of female students, and all for children under the age of 12 the implementation of indecency, causing irreparable trauma to the injured, also caused serious psychological impact on other students. In the trial, the defendant Zhang has full confession, voluntary compensation of victims, has pleaded guilty to repentance must, but not enough to their sentences. In summary, the defendant Zhang decided to complete a heavier punishment. In order to maintain social order and security environment, protect the physical and mental health of young girls, to combat crime, the court then made the decision in accordance with the law. After the first instance verdict, the legal representative of the victim said to obey the court verdict, the defendant Zhang pleaded guilty to obey the verdict. It is understood that after the incident, the third grade students in the primary school has been transferred to the Department of primary school class, the town has a diversion from other primary school female teachers to the primary school class, and arranged for a teacher of life. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: