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Russia made the country’s first space prototype: 3D printing or 2018 sent to the international space station test for the space 3D printing is favored by all space powers in the United States, will be sent to the international space station 3D printer, Russian researchers also announced the country’s first space 3D printer made plans to further improve, into international the space station in 2018 test. According to Russian media reported on the 10, the 3D printing prototype by the Tomsk Institute of science and technology, Siberia Institute of physics and other high-tech units jointly developed by the 4 units. The deputy director of the Institute of Collu Baye J said that the current use of all equipment and devices in the international space station, they need to regularly supplement and replacement parts, such as nuts, fasteners, instrument cable jack protective cover etc.. They need to be transported from the earth by cargo ships, and the transportation cost is too high. It would be much easier to use the space 3D printer to make these components as needed on the space station. Collu Baye J said, this process is not complicated, the astronauts can receive digital 3D models of certain parts in contact with the ground communication, the model input processing software, the cross section data and print control code to generate the required products can be executed after the "print" operation. Space 3D printing is being favored by the space powers. 2014, the United States has sent to the international space station’s first space 3D printer, and tested. Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of space application engineering and technology center also announced in March this year, the development of China’s first space 3D printer, and parabolic flight mode to complete the test under microgravity environment. But Collu Baye J believes that to make the space 3D printing really toward the application, you need to solve some technical details. For example, the space 3D printing tasks for implementation of internal environmental isolation and space station conditions, so as to avoid the generated exhaust gas into the space station; in addition, the ground environment, gravity material powder 3D printer and spraying layers of laying glue to bond together, and in the weightlessness of space environment, the need for 3D printer targeted transformation. Siberia branch of physical strength and material of Russian Academy of Sciences Institute is involved in the development of. The research institute director F Sahia said, in the 3D printing execution ground required large power devices like hood will get rid of any excess powder filter in the printing process and, in the closed space station how to implement this operation to ensure the safety of astronauts in the environment, further research is needed. An implementation of Russian manned space mission of the "energy" group also participated in the 3D printing project, with the support of Russia, the Russian space research unit to the departments to submit to the international space station test application. If approved, the Russian R & D units will then produce several space 3D printers, multi rounds of ground testing, and strive to the end of 2018 will be a screening of the 3D printer into the international space station of the Russian space capsule. Russian experts believe that the future of space 3D printers must have the ability to small-scale industrial production of various tools, spare parts and daily necessities, in order to become the carrier of this century.相关的主题文章: