Salesforce not only when the SaaS giant, it also wants to do a big job in the VC industry – Sohu Tec

Salesforce not only when the SaaS giants in the VC industry but also to do a big business – Sohu Salesforce SaaS technology is the industry giants, but this venture capital institutions in recent years, SaaS companies also done fast, its investment company Unicorn less VC than Silicon Valley. The SaaS giant’s investment institutions have invested at least 31 start-ups this year. But in other VC seems, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff is more like a co-author, rather than competitors. Looking for promising start-ups in Silicon Valley is a competitive business, but one of the practitioners when it becomes the highest standard is your boss, this competition will be more intense. John Somorjai is in this position. As Salesforce venture capital institutions (Salesforce Ventures) the person in charge, he directly to the Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff report, which is one of the most active investors in early stage technology companies, but his investment activity is independently operated his business software company. This arrangement may lead to conflict, and corporate venture capital institutions to return little known. But so far Somorjai and Benioff have handled it well. According to the CB Insights statistics, after 7 years of operation, Salesforce venture capital institutions have been in the equity of the company has a unicorn in 11. Byron Deeter Bessemer Venture Partners is a member of venture capital institutions, he and Salesforce Ventures in terms of investment cooperation is very frequent, he said, the next few years their returns should be very good, because the Salesforce in the cloud software investment is very positive, many small cloud start-ups are hoping to cooperate with a big company like Salesforce. Somorjai in the software giant Oracle, currently in Salesforce has been for 11 years, he came to study law, but also the management of the company to acquire affairs, he has been through the Salesforce Ventures this year invested 31 start-ups. One of the most recent deals was a $35 million investment in SessionM, which has been invested in consumer loyalty. According to regulatory documents show that as of the end of July, Salesforce debt and equity securities (mostly venture capital portfolio) market value of $700 million, while 5 years ago, this figure was only $31 million 400 thousand. This includes changes in equity and new investments in existing start-ups, but does not include previously listed or acquired portfolios. It is reported that Benioff myself with the consultant Mark Goldstein and their fund Efficien.相关的主题文章: