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Samsung S8 screen accounted for 90% or more, with millet MIX war – Sohu technology if you haven’t thoroughly to Samsung, perhaps to see how it should wait for the counter attack. It is reported that the Samsung Note 7 to restore the loss of brand reputation, to put S8 on the move. The day before, broke the great God @evleaks exposure, Samsung S8 proportion of the screen will be as high as 90%. To know millet MIX screen accounted for more than 91%, as a reference, Samsung is likely to abandon the shape of the previous S7, using a new design. Broke the news that Samsung will adopt a new curved screen design on the S8, may no longer be on the left and right sides of the bend, but the use of similar to the four corners of the screen without borders design. In order to achieve this design, Samsung may cancel the positive entity home key on S8. Samsung S8 concept design at the same time, evleaks also mentioned that the Samsung S8 digital model will skip 4, directly to SM-G95X. This is because the Korean taboo 4, which is not without precedent before. Samsung S3 digital model for GT-I9300, to the S4 has become a GT-I9500, it is also the reason. It is reported that Samsung S8 will have two versions. Model SM-G950 is 5.7 inches screen version. Body size and S6 Edge+ basically flat, slightly larger than S7 Edge. The other SM-G955 is an amazing 6.2 inches screen version, which is said to be the biggest change in the shape of the rumors S8. These two models may be named S8 and S8 Plus. There is no picture to understand its specific shape, but it seems to be worth looking forward to. The aircraft should not be an accident in February next year, the official meeting with us on MWC, I hope the Samsung can learn a lesson, or who can not help.相关的主题文章: