Say goodbye to summer with a romantic camp-sexinse

With a romantic farewell summer camp (original title: "with a US camp farewell to summer") lead: summer breeze blowing, looking at the stars, you sit together, chat, drink, don’t feel so easy. Isn’t life supposed to be enjoyable?! At this moment, love camping. (source: Fruit library network Author: Liu Jie) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Anji Tianhuangping driving route from Hangzhou to Tianhuangping, ahead of the Beltway, Hangzhou high-speed walk, according to navigate directly to the destination address: Anji Tianhuangping town in Zhejiang province Huzhou city Anji county to drive from Hangzhou is located in the northwest of Zhejiang, about the need for 90 minutes. Anji is China bamboo town, the film "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" had the famous attractions in Tianhuangping Daxi village China Dazhu sea of framing and shooting.   an altitude of 928 meters of the Tianhuangping town because of peaks close to 1000 meters above sea and its name, here is the first in Asia, the world’s second scale Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Power Station, at the peak of a reservoir hydropower station, known as the Anji tianchi. 18 kilometers of mountain road, to the foothills and the mountain together, circled on each curve are people on the windows on both sides of the road are full of expectations, lush trees, even if not to the peak, just facing shoal grassland Valley, are very suitable for camping. Tianhuangping is famous star resort, here is the first night sky reserve, with two professional astronomy observation room and a science observation point. The top of the lawn area and surrounding Tianchi ring road is a great viewing position. Every year in early autumn, many couples will come, the promise of love under the stars promise of infinite romance. Taking Anji as the core of the Tianchi town has developed into a tourist resort, in addition to camping, stargazing, spa is located in the Tianchi Tianhuangping hydropower station next to the hot springs is next to the ski resort in East China only, while the snow is warm, while bathing, hot and cold "is fun. Zhoushan Dongji Island driving route of Shanghai, the Shanghai Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway, Ningbo Beilun toll station, go to the white peak pier ferry to Zhoushan and Shenjiamen, a round of the east to the east of the island address: Zhejiang province Zhoushan city Putuo District town east of the movie "the beauty of" never ever meet again in dongjiisland brought to the line of sight of people. The movie actor Ma Haohan said, can see the sea Chinese Dongji island is the first sunshine place, here is determined by the British Greenwich National Observatory in new century, Chinese island is the first light irradiation point location. Dongji Island, located in Zhejiang city of Zhoushan Province, it is not a single island, but Huang Xing Island, green island bang, Miaozi lake, East Fushan Island collectively, the most beautiful scenery is the East Fushan island. The East is east Fushan mountain, the highest peak cliff, facing the sea, many around the water clear. People on the island.相关的主题文章: