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Senior internal speech: the Northeast Special Steel bankruptcy debt restructuring plan by the ninth northeast special steel within half a year of default of principal amount of default rose to nearly 5 billion 800 million (original title: senior internal speech: exclusive Dongbei special steel has not through bankruptcy debt restructuring program in September 27th), the economic observer from the stakeholders of exclusive, held in September 20th once the northeast special steel internal the meeting, Dongbei special steel executives said, the Northeast Special Steel default due to large amount of cash, bonds, less resources, not in one step, all completely resolved. However, the executives also said that in the Liaoning provincial government under the leadership of the Northeast Special Steel Group has always been to ensure the fundamental interests of bondholders attitude, actively and properly handle. It is unclear whether the internal meeting, the creditors will Dongbei special steel. In September 26th, the principal amount of 744 million 100 thousand yuan in 2015 in Northeast third annual short-term financing bonds (referred to as: 15 East steel CP003) once again become a breach of contract, the Northeast Special Steel ninth year default. Earlier media reports said, due to debt default, the government of Liaoning province has been determined that the northeast special steel will enter bankruptcy procedures, and the introduction of bankruptcy reorganization is expected by the end of September. However, the internal meeting of the Economic Observer online exclusive access to the days before September 20th, and no mention of a bankruptcy in northeast. In the internal meeting, said the Northeast Special Steel high-rise, the Liaoning provincial government and the northeast special steel made to the bond issue work mainly in the following four points: first, from the leading group established the Northeast Special Steel Group, comprehensively promote the solution to the problem of debt default, executive vice governor of Liaoning Province as the leader of the group, after the establishment of the group that has to communicate with the people’s Bank, the CBRC China, comments on the debt restructuring, and to seek support, Liaoning province SASAC and the Northeast Special Steel Group hired a professional lawyer institutions, study and formulate the debt restructuring plan premise in order to protect the interests of creditors, has won the Liaoning Provincial Standing Committee for consideration by the. Second, the Northeast Special Steel Group established the debt restructuring Leadership Committee to communicate with the State Department of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry, the people’s Bank of Chinese, for debt restructuring policy support, Debt Restructuring Committee has organized bank creditors, briefing, informed the basic scheme of debt restructuring, communication and negotiation for creditor creditor banks. The recognition and support, to reach a consensus. Third, actively grasp for debt restructuring at the same time, both inside and outside, internal efforts to improve the quality of the operation, to ensure the stability of production and operation, the staff is basically stable, creates a good condition for the implementation of the debt restructuring plan, the external use of Dongbei special steel manufacturing, 2025 prominent role in national security and northeast work in Chinese, constantly call and positive for national policy support for debt restructuring. Fourth, deepen the internal reform of enterprises, to provide power to completely reverse the situation, the current passive situation in Northeast experienced a long-term process of accumulation, system and mechanism is the main reason behind the formation mechanism, the key to solve the problem is to promote the reform of the firm. The economic observer has learned that the Northeast Special Steel senior people in the internal meeting said that the northeast special steel has been in accordance with the.相关的主题文章: