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People who have a sense of control of these cars have tried to say that the Phoenix car Shenzhen shopping guide: vehicle handling quality is mainly determined by three factors: power, suspension, chassis and steering system. Power is the fundamental control, with a strong, smooth power output, the vehicle is qualified to talk about manipulation, followed by the editor to introduce some of the 300 thousand models of good control! Control class tried these car people say unit: million models MSRP price inquiry car 4S shop Dongfeng Infiniti -Q50L details 27.98-40.98 5.65 4000681313 8656 inquiry small car BMW -3 28.3-59.88 12.45 system details inquiry small car 4000681313 turn 8560 FAW Audi -A4L details 27.28-46.46 9.06 small car Lexus -IS details 0755-25110000 inquiry 36.9-48.0 1 small car 4000681313 inquiry 8575 Jaguar -XE details 39.8-57.8 5 inquiry small car 0755-84500888 FAW – Volkswagen -CC details 25.28-34.28 4.5 small car 0755-25123322 inquiry tab: Phoenix car Dongfeng Infiniti -Q50L guidance price: 27.98-40.98 million 2016 Infiniti Q50L luxury 2.0T sports version of Phoenix Automotive News: Recently, Phoenix car price information coding region Series from southern Shenzhen Nanshan Infiniti 4S shop at the store was informed that the Q50L models have a small car in the sale, the color to the store. Car purchase cash discount 56 thousand and 500 yuan. To the store can get more gifts. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: Q50L latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of car 2016 2.0T Comfort Edition 27.98 23.95 inquiry of 4.03 small car 2016 2.0T leshare edition 30.98 25.94 inquiry of 5.04 small car 2016 2.0T coupe version of the 31.98 27.23 inquiry of 4.75 small car 2016 2.0T elite 30.18 sports version of the 34.98 inquiry of 4.80 small car 2016 2.0T Deluxe Edition 37.98 33.73 inquiry of 4.25 small car 2016 2.0T Deluxe Edition 40.98 35.33 sports inquiry of 5.65 small car more concessions please contact the dealer free consultation telephone: 400-068-1313 market in September 3, 86562016 2016 tab: Phoenix car by car相关的主题文章: