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Seoul Jiangnan free exercise Raiders fun concessions to make in the New World Department Store – Sohu in order to meet the Jiangnan tourism resort to South Korea in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday period National Day gold China tourists, South Korea is preparing for the unique circulation field of their respective activities, but also attracted widespread attention. One of the most popular Chinese welcome visitors to a few places that South Korea’s new world department store Jiangnan shop, for the convenience of the family as a unit of access to a customer, especially the creation of a LITTLE LAND, micro-blog, WeChat and other SNS activities, China UnionPay credit card settlement gift coupons and other rich promotions. Spend a good time in the LITTLE LAND together with the children and their parents, LITTLE SHINSEGAE, LITTLE LAND is the new world department store unique family facilities, large-scale space is about 284m2, including infant favorite toys, dolls, slides and other recreational facilities. As the department store industry’s first LAND team with 20 child care experts LITTLE, can help look after children over the age of 3. LITTLE LAND all items are subject to strict health checks, so that parents are more assured that the child entrusted to enjoy shopping. Especially in the rich areas of the South Korean mothers, LITTLE LAND more famous, from February this year, specifically came to LITTLE LAND customers have more than 100 thousand people. In the same layer of the "LITTLE SHINSEAGE" special children’s Museum, as a comprehensive store supplies in the world’s first children circulation also officially opened operations, all the supplies for mothers to newborns ready can conveniently find items according to the category here. SNS activities South Korea’s new world department store Jiangnan shop in this gold during the break, for foreign customers to prepare a special SNS activities PLAY SHINSEGAE". Activities for the specific requirements of 4 major scenic spots, including the new world department store Jiangnan Shop Service Center for foreigners in Jiangnan shop, 4 layer and 9 layer GRAND SHOE SHINSEGAE HOME special living museum, after 10 layers of LITTLE SHINSEGAE can be a panoramic view of the roof of the Hanjiang River and Nanshan Park S GARDEN, in view of these places will open in the photo SNS can. Participate in SNS activities of customers can get 30 thousand won coupons, French hand Macarons and Starbucks coffee exchange coupons. UnionPay credit card offers and coupons discount WeChat Korea New World Department Store Jiangnan shop until October 31st, presented in the new world group for the use of UnionPay credit card settlement more than 200 thousand customers (department stores, duty-free shops, Yimaide) can use the value of 10 thousand yuan coupons han. Not only that, pay attention to the new world department store WeChat public account (micro signal: shinsegaedpt), download the WeChat coupon in the "coupon", can receive the new world department store store brand goods sample Jiangnan TOP12. South Korea’s new world department store Jiangnan shop official said""相关的主题文章: