Shannon Kathleen Masjedi Co-created Innovative Product Called snobar-imjpmig

Customer Service Shannon Kathleen Masjedi is the Senior Vice President of SnoBar cocktails. They are made with natural ingredients and premium alcohol, with a full cocktail in every serving. SnoBar cocktails includes a complete line of alcohol infused ice cream and ice-pops and are available in liquor stores, restaurants and in grocery stores in specially branded freezers. SnoBar’s two types of ice-pops include Margarita and Cosmopolitan. They replicate the distinct flavor and experience of traditional cocktails. Cosmopolitan ice-pop is made with premium vodka, triple sec and cranberry while the Margarita ice-pop is made with premium tequila, lime and triple sec. SnoBar cocktails are guaranteed to stimulate and please even the most sophisticated palate. "These alcohol infused desserts have received amazing response from the people and we are absolutely thrilled to expand to new locations", said Shannon Kathleen Masjedi . The superior-quality ice cream is available in the various flavors such as Grasshopper, Pink Squirrel, Brandy Alexander and Brandy Alexander with Chocolate Chip and others. Brandy Alexander features brandy and creme de cacao while the Brand Alexander with Chocolate Chips includes brandy, creme de cacao and chocolate chips. Grasshopper includes all of the traditional ingredients of brandy, creme de menthe and creme de cacao and the Pink Squirrel includes brandy, almond liquer and creme de cacao. The unique line of SnoBar products plays a great role in shaping their menu and provides an opportunity for customers of all preferences to enjoy to its fullest. The SnoBar ice-cream and ice-pops are considered as a must have while sitting poolside or out on the world famous Strip with friends. Shannon Kathleen Masjedi makes sure that the products are sold to patrons above the age of 21. This gives the grownups an opportunity to enjoy the fun with friends. Customers can like the fan page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to get updates about latest additions in the exciting menu. For more details about Shannon Masjedi and complete line of alcohol desserts, please browse through ..snobarcocktails../ . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: