Shanxi seven coal group in the first half of total loss liabilities of 1 trillion and 190 billion

Shanxi seven coal group in the first half of the total loss of total liabilities of 1 trillion and 190 billion Shanxi seven coal group in the first half of a total loss, total liabilities of 1 trillion and 190 billion recently, Shanxi Province seven state-owned coal group company released the first half of 2016 and other major financial information, found that in twenty-first Century economic report statistics, the seven coal group total liabilities as of the first half of 2016 was 1 trillion and 198 billion 600 million, down slightly as of 2016 during the first quarter of 1 trillion and 202 billion 500 million, but still higher than that at the end of 2015 1 trillion and 188 billion 400 million. Meanwhile, the seven coal group in the first half of 2016 net profit of all losses, the total loss of 1 billion 112 million 480 thousand yuan. Among them, the biggest loss in Datong Coal Group net profit of -2.9293 billion yuan, the minimum loss of Shanxi coal import and Export Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as coal Hill) net profit of -0.49 billion yuan. Seven coal group, Datong Coal Mine Group is still the most indebted, the total liabilities of 223 billion 423 million 590 thousand yuan, followed by Shanxi coking coal group, the total liabilities of 210 billion 708 million yuan. Compared to the beginning of 2016, the group has a total of five of the total liabilities have increased, only Yang coal group and the relative reduction of coal group. High debt problems in Shanxi province mainly coal enterprises outstanding, Shanxi Province issued "on efforts to increase financial support of the" rules for the implementation of a series of guidance documents, in July this year, vice governor of Shanxi province Wang Yixin led the seven coal enterprises in Beijing road. Shanxi province has launched a series of measures for seven coal enterprises restructuring, new bank loans and long-term credit products, the formation of coal CDS venture capital support for coal prices, the price of resources, such as credit payment, coal prices to help ease the financial pressure on the chain. Since then, a number of coal group and some commercial banks in Shanxi province launched a bank cooperation exchange mechanism. For example, in August 10th, Shanxi Energy Group Chairman Wang Qirui and ICBC branch in Shanxi province governor Lu Qin bank cooperation forum. August 17th, Jin Neng group 1 billion 500 million yuan ultra short melt that is successfully issued by the industrial and Commercial Bank of China bonds as the lead underwriter. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: