Shexian 90 bride wedding gifts donated million rescue uremia girl

Shexian 90 bride wedding gifts donated 10000 yuan rescue uremic girl September 16th is Shexian 90 girls Zhen Zhang’s wedding day, wedding, dressed in white wedding dress, she made a major decision: will receive part of the wedding gifts 10 thousand yuan to need medical treatment of uremia girl xiaoya. Shexian 90 girls Zhen Zhang Zhen Zhang is in Mount Huangshan, Shexian micro public welfare city of love volunteers, her name is "little sun", had many times to help others, and Shexian city love volunteers launched rescue uremia girl Ke Qianzhen, and many times to the new Shexian Xikou Tower Village caring uremia girl xiaoya. At the wedding of Zhen Zhang decided to give gifts million Xiaoya father "I and the lesser first contact in 2014, perhaps is a kind of fate, then the activity has been in contact with the participation, and she hit it off, she and I like friends, I cherish such a fate. Last year, she told me that if I get married, she would come to my wedding, but this time she went to Shanghai to check back after a little cold, so I invited her father, was the Mid Autumn Festival is supposed to pick her up with the mid autumn festival." Donate wedding gifts for his behavior, Zhen Zhang said that he is out of love, but more is to bring their own blessings and good luck with friends to pass down to lesser. Shexian 90 girls Zhen Zhang "a lot of my friends before help Xiaoya, at the wedding I want to take this opportunity to thank them. Maybe some people do not understand this approach, but as long as can help to lesser, I think are worth and should do." The wedding scene, Zhen Zhang all the money to the lesser of the father, for lesser family living expenses and medical expenses. "The family is very supportive of me, has been watching xiaoya. I believe there will be more people willing to help the little girl, because I really saw in her body again and again the miracle happened, she is very strong, and I need to learn." Zhen Zhang said. Shexian 90 girls Zhen Zhang in college, Zhen Zhang embarked on a public road, "at that time is relatively simple, and condolences to community nursing homes, I simply want to put their love to more people who need help." In the eyes of other volunteers "little sun" is a low-key enthusiastic dedicated people, Mount Huangshan micro public welfare volunteers Cao Jianyong ceremony of the whole process, he felt that the "little sun" behavior is said to spread positive energy: "she is the pride of our volunteers, she is the most beautiful bride, she is the most warm little the sun." Shexian 90 girls Zhen Zhang original title: Shexian after the bride of the United States exploded! The wedding decided to donate million yuan gifts rescue uremia girl!相关的主题文章: