Shrinking stock index rose 0.77% to Hong Kong stocks through a substantial net inflow of new

Shrinking stock index rose 0.77% to Hong Kong stocks through a substantial net inflow of Beijing – 19, the first trading day after the Mid Autumn Festival, A shares usher in a slight rebound in the sector generally higher, but the amount of the chain to reduce and a record of over one month low. The Shanghai Composite Index closed up 0.77% at 3026.05 points; Shenzhen stock index rose 0.99%, at 10557.25 points. Two city turnover of 345 billion 300 million yuan, a record low since August 3rd, the previous day was $374 billion 500 million. The same day, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities main net outflow of funds of 6 billion 938 million yuan. Among them, 1132 listed companies were the main net inflow of funds, the main outflow of funds from the 1538 companies. Shanghai and Hong Kong, Shanghai shares through the balance of 13 billion 713 million yuan, accounting for 105%, excluding not traded business hours, sold a net 827 million yuan; Hong Kong stocks through the net purchase of HK $5 billion 887 million, total amount surplus of HK $4 billion 985 million. Two financial balance fell for the 4 consecutive day. As of September 14th, A shares margin reported 893 billion 94 million yuan, representing a decrease of $6 billion 596 million on the previous day. The positive data and industrial futures holiday released rose more or less, the first trading day after the holiday, the domestic commodity tiaokonggaokai, soared across the board. As of the date of closing, the cotton rose 4.5%, soybean rose 4.17%, rubber rose 4.08%, up 3.98% power coal, coking coal rose 3.48%, rapeseed rose 3.06%, PVC rose 3.05%, soybean meal, methanol, coke rose over 2%, sugar, egg, copper, palm, corn, glass, Shanghai, Shanghai, tin or lead asphalt super 1%. The new three board market, as of September 19th, listed company reached 9033, the total share capital of 517 billion 953 million shares, of which the sale of shares of the stock of $194 billion 728 million, with a total market capitalization of $3 trillion and 585 billion 943 million. Listed company stock turnover of 1 billion 46 million 360 thousand and 100 yuan, of which the stock market turnover of the way to make a turnover of $424 million 362 thousand and 500, turnover of $825 million 885 thousand and 100 innovative layer. This year, listed company stock turnover totaled 120 billion 900 million yuan, of which the way to do the transfer of the stock market turnover totaled $66 billion 400 million. National share transfer company released the same day the new three board special risk tips. The shares of the company said recently, illegal organizations and personnel by telephone, WeChat and Internet, false propaganda IPO, three new board listed company intends to transfer plate, merger or private placement shares and other information, and through the transfer of accounts, provide loaning to the original shares and other ways to sell shares of the listed company to investors at high prices to obtain huge profits. Causes the victim to suffer significant economic losses. Share transfer company tips, investors should verify the legitimacy of the relevant agencies, access to listed company information through formal channels, remain vigilant, firmly believe that the sky will not fall pie". Reporter Wu Lihua Beijing reports相关的主题文章: