Small and medium-sized insurance companies strictly control the loss of the first 60 companies befor

Small and medium-sized insurance companies strictly control the loss of the first 60 companies before the business model of the 17 earnings Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – reporter Su Xianggao recently, the "Securities Daily" reporter from a medium-sized insurance company was informed that, in taking fare reform, in order to improve the operating efficiency, the second half of the company will set up payment models the negative list will be rolling a year of payment rate of more than 65% of the models included in the negative list. In order to realize the auto insurance underwriting profit, many insurance companies began in the second half of the implementation of underwriting profit management and comprehensive cost control, with a certain amount of profit in the business to ensure that at the same time, to enhance the number of business profit and guaranteed business, strictly control the loss of business. Lack of new business growth momentum since June 1, 2015, commercial insurance reform pilot started. One year, auto insurance consumers benefit significantly, the parties reflect the good social, auto insurance market is basically stable, but some small and medium enterprises are also facing some problems. The insurance companies mentioned above, the current situation of the company’s auto insurance business is that the overall cost of insurance companies to change the overall decline in the size of the insurance business, premium income line down. On the one hand, taking the car after the discount rate reform overall decline, have a certain impact on the size of the premium down, on the other hand, the influence of industry main part of company car insurance sales, higher cost, stock business turnover is large, incremental business kinetic energy shortage. For our part, the market share is not high, the low compensation rate of the vehicle, no obvious competitive advantage in high loss rate of the vehicle, and take too much responsibility, be a big drag on enterprise development." The source said. From the industry point of view, the reporter was also informed that, instead of taking the fare is further exacerbated by the auto insurance industry competition, the first half of PICC, Ping An, China life property insurance premiums of the top 8 insurance companies of insurance business market share further rise, up 0.14 percentage points. Other small and medium-sized insurance company market share continued to decline, some small and medium-sized insurance company insurance business more difficult. It is worth mentioning that, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot also have an impact on the insurance business, the insurance company makes some short-term one disaster after another. The above mentioned, in the case of the company’s existing auto insurance rates unchanged, camp changed to increase, the actual reduction in financial premium income, the company’s cost rate and the rate of loss will be affected to a certain extent. To ensure profitable business growth in the "Securities Daily" reporter from access to the exclusive data show that on the insurance industry in the first half of the underwriting profit of about 8 billion 200 million yuan, the insurance premium scale ranked the top 60 insurance companies, only 17 property insurance companies auto insurance underwriting profit of 43 companies, car insurance underwriting losses. In property insurance company auto insurance underwriting large losses, losses for the surplus become a big problem, many property insurance companies have to face the insurance companies actively formulate corresponding measures to adjust the business structure, optimize the quality of service. The medium-sized insurance companies who mentioned that, according to the requirements of the company, the auto insurance division in the full investigation on the basis of the development of a new car theory相关的主题文章: