So if the taste of long, and is resistant to every morning and evening. – Sohu to eat and drink

So if the taste of long, and is resistant to every morning and evening. – the Sohu asked me to eat for a long time. Ask me when I’m free. I said, if not to eat long, go now, not a short duration of time. This high-end daily buffet, reputation has been good. So I’ll have a "sit back and go right" reaction. In the Huayong shop floor space 2, simple and elegant environment, decoration, tableware and service, has revealed a "hard" two words. We went to the evening, the choice of 258 yuan buffet. Hundreds of dishes on the menu, you can add points. Really happy! Without demur, first a comprehensive sashimi assorted cold dishes! The peony shrimp, tuna, sea urchins, salmon, scallops, scallops and sea dace. Wobble fine looking, the fish is very fresh, cut moderate thickness. Such as salmon, with a large feed entrance, soft and delicate, very satisfied. Peony shrimp and scallops without dipping sauce, you can taste sweet. Carbon cream very cattle beef salad, raw? Good to eat beef, sweet and thin tender, taste good. Mustard octopus, octopus crisp slippery ~ scallop skirt, sweet, crisp taste, salmon and salmon Wangta, mango blend in salad sauce, plus potato crisp, caviar and moist, rich taste very sweet and spicy fried pork, pickled cabbage, appetising foie gras, have a meal of artistic conception ~ foie gras sauce and crispy skin, collocation of fruits and vegetables, very refreshing and delicious ~ Zen silk shrimp tempura, a big shrimp wrapped in perfect crispy gold. Some hot mouth. The thickness of the thickness of the burning beef tongue, beef tongue can make people feel oral "carnal" chewy. Grilled beef steak, squeeze lemon juice, fresh and greasy sushi ~ a ~ assorted cold dishes, roasted eel, eel is very thick! Very thick! Very thick! Original snow crab feet, crab feet a little dry. This approach is not suitable for. The sea cucumber rice cooker, very nourishing soup. Seafood soup is very delicious ~ bottle, one pot, a drink. Cucumber juice Orange Juice, fresh taste good ~ plum wine, plum, supplemented by alcohol. Entrance warm sweet, people can not help but want to refill. We have to ask where to buy the wine shops, but the man said this is the home brew. Heart-broken。 Had to take advantage of self-help, drink two. Avocado cheese, the first taste of this practice. Avocado covered golden flavor of the cheese, mix to eat, very delicious ~ caramel pudding, a caramel pudding + sweet, crisp cotton, is a very good dessert. Green tea ice cream, a normal. There are soy sauce shop ice cream, said it is difficult to accept.. Yang Zhi Yu, we all love.. Back to the big container for the dress.. La la la, such a Japanese buffet, you have to endure "eat", do not want to eat as fast? TIPS: Name: long search season store: Xiamen everchina World Commercial Plaza 2 floor features: Japanese buffet, rich variety, fresh ingredients, fine practice price: 258 yuan, 198 people相关的主题文章: