SONY x compact market in Europe About 3366 yuan truffe

SONY X Compact listed in Europe: About 3366 yuan on September 12th news, SONY new machine in the IFA Conference on the release of the new Xperia X Compact has been listed in Europe, the relevant price also announced. Allegedly, the aircraft in Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg listed, priced at 449 euros, or about $3366, with black, white and light blue optional. SONY X Compact listed in Europe at the same time, SONY X Compact has also been listed in the UK, the aircraft price of 359.99 pounds, or about $3191. If the user selects the contract package, then pay only 30 pounds per month (about $266) can be free to take the machine. Configuration, SONY X Compact uses a more compact 4.6 inch 720P screen, equipped Xiaolong 650 processor, built-in 3GB RAM+32GB ROM storage combination, using the USB Type-C interface, with a 2700mAh battery, front 5 million + rear 23 million pixel camera, support 5 axis stabilization, are nowadays at the end. Xperia XZ is coming on stage is not clear when the aircraft will be listed in the country. As for another new machine Xperia XZ IFA 2016 release, SONY said the Xiaolong 820 flagship in September 26th in the domestic debut, so stay tuned.相关的主题文章: