South Korea banned public acceptance and 17 billion 800 million ticket penalties isobuster

South Korea banned and accepted 17 billion 800 million ticket penalties according to the latest foreign media reports, the public has decided to accept the punishment of all the South Korean government and to dispel the idea of complaint. A spokesman for the South Korean government said it would abandon lengthy legal procedures in an effort to regain the certificate of the affected vehicles and resume sales as soon as possible. Last month, the South Korean government to exhaust emission test data and test data for false false noise cancel Volkswagen, Audi and Bentley brand 32 cars, 80 derivative vehicle certificate. South Korea’s Ministry of environmental affairs and thus opened a 17 billion 800 million won (about $15 million 930 thousand) ticket. Volkswagen has decided to charge by the Ministry of environment and the requirements of fine processing ban. Volkswagen said at the time that the South Korean government deal with the most stringent and will consider the introduction of legal challenges. Volkswagen in 2015 South Korea sales growth of 17%. This year by the exhaust test scandal, the public in Korea before July cumulative sales of 12888 year-on-year plunged 40%. Volkswagen models hope to regain the certificate is not easy. The South Korean government said it would conduct a comprehensive inspection of the lock up process models, how long does it take is still unknown. Nissan also took a different attitude in the face of fines and allegations of exhaust emissions. Foreign media reported that Nissan for the South Korean government to identify the manipulation of the Qashqai (Qashqai) emission test of SUV diesel fine models filed a lawsuit. Earlier, the South Korean government announced that Nissan Qashqai operated diesel SUV emission testing models, plans to impose fines on Nissan, Nissan and accused South Korea responsible person, Nissan were categorically denied the allegations.相关的主题文章: