South Korea bestie dry coup gongdou, the prime minister became the biggest beneficiaries – Sohu news

South Korea bestie dry coup gongdou, the prime minister became the biggest beneficiaries – Sohu news, South Korean President Park Geun hye support rate fell to a low point. (source: Yonhap)     the | Huang Xufeng bestie intervention, South Korea’s political crisis is still in fermentation. In October 30th, Pu Jinhui accepted the Secretary’s office director Li Yuanzhong, Secretary An Zhongfan, chief policy Chief Secretary Kim in the original, the Chief Secretary of civil affairs Yu Bingyu, Chief Secretary Jin Shengyu’s resignation communique. In addition, known as the three group of Park Geun hye regime, Li Zaiwan Zheng Hucheng, An Fenggen also submitted his resignation. So, what is the park three henchmen shall also? What is the impact on the future to replace the confidant of South Korean politics and park Geun hye regime? Will Pu Jinhui be impeached? Wrist: replace the three henchmen of Park Geun hye group in the group of three people in the park close, the 59 year old Zheng Hucheng on the park after entering the political arena served as Secretary for her. 2007, Zheng Hucheng was the son of Cui Taimin was broke, then fade out of politics. Li Zaiwan is in charge of government operations, considered from the president’s recent getters. An Fenggen is the assistant Park trust. In addition, Yu Bingyu et al are not included in the group of three people in the park close, but keep in touch closely with the president, Yu Bingyu after the bribery scandal was spotted, but always support and become President Park Geun hye government suffered criticism stain. In the "Cui Shunshi" incident, Pu Jinhui reluctantly accepted the henchmen three group led by Pro Pak activists with the resignation, go getters 18 years political fate has come to an end. In general, in addition to the president of South Korea’s political system, the prime minister, chief executive and other duties frequently replaced, park Geun hye had in August 2013 on Chong Wa Dae executives had a larger adjustment. However, no matter how the personnel changes, the three man Pu Jinhui always companion, but also is regarded as the backbone of the Pu Jinhui regime. With three people left, park Geun hye regime has lost key. Pu Jinhui Cui Shunshi was bestie South Korean prosecutors took the investigation. (source: South Korea KBS News)   with the large-scale adjustment of Chong Wa Dae Park high-rise, also reluctantly accept the three resignation to go getters, park Geun hye regime to become the focus of the community. Then, park Geun hye impeachment will step down? Below, we will analysis the three ending at Park Geun hye may face. Solution 1: the resignation of bureau of the possibility of low expense on the current situation, "Cui Shunshi door" influence more than expected, The people are boiling with resentment. Park Geun hye’s support rate, also dropped to about 10%. Pu Jinhui is retiring the most convenient and effective way to solve the problem, the first president of South Korea is also under pressure to resign, but this premise is to sacrifice the presidency and the interests of the ruling party. The current trend of the new national party, park Geun hye’s point of view, there was no sign of any resignation, so the possibility of a minimum. " Cui Shunshi gate " event continuous fermentation. (photo: Yonhap)   resolution 2: impeachment step down?.相关的主题文章: