Starcraft 2 change the world! Blizzard announced future artificial intelligence program

Starcraft 2 change the world! Blizzard announced the future of artificial intelligence program in just the Blizzcon 2016 opening ceremony, Blizzard announced the Deepmind artificial intelligence and the "StarCraft 2" in the future field of AI artificial intelligence development plan. Google research scientist Oriol Vinyals on the Google Deepmind artificial intelligence and the latest progress of "StarCraft 2" close cooperation and future plans, he said, Google is developing a new generation of artificial intelligence, will be in the future "StarCraft 2" in the play, and even the whole human help, and the like not long ago, Alpha Go and human chess chess, and human challenges the "StarCraft 2". Before Google artificial intelligence team Oriol Vinyals announced the debut future StarCraft 2 artificial intelligence program here, blizzard had publicly revealed has been launched in collaboration with Google, the latest development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence show and plans to challenge the world’s top players in the next scene of human occupation. At the opening ceremony, Blizzard announced more news. In the opening speech, Blizzard CEO, co-founder of Mr. Mike went to the Google Deep Mind team of researchers Oriol Vinyals in the field of simple statements. Oriol Vinyals to Google’s Deep Mind game player revealed that the team will put the game out of artificial intelligence is an important part of research in the future, compared to before they developed the Alpha Go artificial intelligence challenges human players more in the information collection technology, at present, Blizzard has been open to share the "StarCraft 2" AI Technology Co research and development for scientists all over the world. In the future, Google will be for the game, StarCraft 2, the development of new artificial intelligence, this artificial intelligence will be like the world’s top professional players to challenge the development of the game to reproduce the man-machine confrontation. Before Alpha and Go is different, the artificial intelligence 2 "future" StarCraft, will not only be confrontation, but to be able to play the game of the auxiliary game player is better, to provide help for the game player and the players to enhance their own strength level. The future of StarCraft AI, will be used to achieve the real world in the field of science and technology development and convenience. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: